We are looking for people with excellent leadership, technical, and subject matter expertise qualities, that embody:

  • are self-motivated with solid domain/subject matter expertise
  • have strong communication and interactive skills – oral, written, visual
  • can advise change recommendations that are lightweight, creative, yet robust
  • are flexible, resilient in catalyzing vision and thinking strategically
  • able to manage conflict, mitigate risk, foster thought diversity and team environment
  • can discover and invest in clients and peers growth goals
  • are customer service focused on being accountable and decisive
  • are entrepreneurial, self-motivated in recommendations and being thought leaders
  • able to be strategic in partnering, savvy in political environment and culture,
  • can appropriately be influential to help negotiate and achieve transformation goals.
  • has a mastery of their technical level at their role

Candidate Qualities

We want the passionate leader, who is skilled and capable to help our client data and high-tech programs achieve something great.

Technical Qualities

Reach on about or technical skills needed in architecture, management, communications, operations, technology, management, industry subject matter, and problem solving skills


Read on for what we look for when we say the ubiquitously used “leader” by our various roles


A leader may innovate, be unique, set the vision, but a manager can administer, repeat and maintain. See how we blend our needs of both.

Technical Qualities

In Technical Positions: Role level understanding on design principles, Enterprise, Segment, and Solution Architecture Planning, Practitioner, PMO/Governance Design and Coordination, and outreach excellence. Must have excellent Information and Data Engineering and Lifecycle Transformation and Design for multiple (but not all) solution areas such as eServices, MIS, remote sensing, industrial engineering, warehouses, metadata, catalogs, clearinghourses, ETL, and IT Infrastructure. Familiarity with Enterprise, Segment, and Solution Architecture methods such as FEA, FSAM, and ITIL v3 and frameworks such as FEA Reference Models, FEAF, TOGAF, etc.. Finally, key is demonstrate capability to apply proper methods based on different cultures, business models, and technology footprint and recommend proper adjustments to architecture methods.

In Management Positions: Management Planning and Governance including Capital Planning and Investment Control Modeling and understanding of the pros and cons of the traditional and latest business operating models. Basic Business Skills include Requirements Development Process. Concept Selection Process, Technology Development Process, Core Management Skills & Processes, Total Ownership Cost Analysis,  Risk & Opportunity Management, Market Research (including socio-economic considerations),  Communications Management, facilitation and coordination in Working Groups and Team environments. Strengths in Agile Project Management with capability to train and execute.

Subject Matter Expertise: Also, we are seeking subject matter expertise in common with our client base such as: Science Data Management, Geospatial and Geography Services, Renewable Energy Programs, Natural Resource Planning, Policy, and Protection, Hazards and Homeland Security Programs, and Health Information Management to name a few.

There is even more detail on specific jobs can be reviewed in the Labor Category descriptions in our Standard Price List.

Leadership Qualities

Xentity has a culture of being goal driven versus task driven alone. We seek analysts, consultants, and leaders who are driven, motivated, & seek a challenge.

The value of our services is in achieving a goal for our client – executing a new blueprint, designing a new model, introducing and transitioning a governance model, completing a project proposal or audit, executing a new tool set for client, designing and creating a new communication series, completing a research phases etc. Given this, we want to further instill the culture to manage ones own career in a goal-oriented fashion.

Focusing on these leadership and management competencies as core to assessing the capability dimension, this can help us grow our staff into transformation leaders. For the varying roles, we believe

  • Staff need foundation communication and domain skills
  • Analysts need skills in analysis for change
  • Consultants need to add in people skills to work with clients
  • Senior Consultants need to be able to deliver results
  • Advisors need to focus on building coalitions

From these 5 categories, we have assess multiple competency models, and adjusted over the years to the capabilities we need in leadership and management which are defined in Xentity’s Intranet.

When considering these competencies together, you can by Role see how they fit into a story that tells what the role needs by reviewing the position

Leadership Roles

Senior Consultant: This position is the team lead position and is the PRIMARY client point of contact. This position presents recommendations, alternatives, discusses difficult problems and advises on adjustments with clients, and supports client requests for presentation support. This position creates the conceptual work products which frame the consultants logical work products. This role assures all deliverables are complete and as the team lead, is responsible for on-schedule performance of consultants and analysts – whether from Architecture or program management point of view. This position looks at problems and solutions from the entire “Line of Sight” and can see how different deliverables connet across the lifecycle progresses. The team lead should understand the strategy laid out by the Advisor level, and looking for tactical scope recommendations and understanding of how things fit together. Requires similar leadership skills as consultant, but is more versed in people and team/coalition building skills with emphasis on understanding political and cultural surroundings and supporting influencing recommendations. Must be strong in governance analysis, information and data management, as well as service lifecycle design and continuous change management.

Pre-requisites: 10 years of experience at Consultant level plus have lead teams of at least five people.

Consultants: Focus is on evaluating findings and alternatives and in segment/focus areas. The position should be able to understand the technical analysis outputs from analysis and still have skills to evaluate or make analyst products when required. BUT, the focus is on the mid-level scope such as logical work products which ultimately frame the analyst work products. The position will have some client interfacing time mostly in data gathering in interviews, audits, or presenting basic reports. This positions does not require presenting recommendations or alternatives, but participates in crafting such with the senior consultant and observes and is mentored to understand crafting the conceptual work products, but does not create such for clients. Must be able to leverage diversity of input and client interactions and help in developing others. Be decisive and have entrepreneurship as core competency. Be able to understand political and cultural surroundings, and influence and help in negotiating what is required to accomplish recommendations. Must be familiar in working in mixed client/Xentity/subcontractor team environments.

Pre-requisites: Analyst (our consultants must have performed analysis) plus at least 10 years of experience as Analyst with solid client interface experience.

Growth Roles

Analyst: Focus is on work product output. Whether it be technical work products, data analysis, plan analysis, or producing findings this positions generates work products. The analyst position is not a client interface position, and does not requiring presenting or making recommendations to the client. Position at times may be beyond service areas and have unique subject matter expertise.Creative and Innovative. Must be able to quickly ramp-up and be externally aware with strategic and tactical thinking. Analysis must be able to consider cultural and business implications, as well as perform traditional technical analysis. Findings must consider client situation and maturity goals.

Pre-requisites: Entry Level plus at least five years in data, process, or strategic analysis

Staff, Entry Level: This position is primarily logistics or rote-task support such as supporting consultants in generating monthly reports, helping gather report information from team, handling setting up meetings, reviewing checklists for deliverables and other common work product tasks – publication, format, edit, publish, package, checklist, graphics. The position will support multiple projects at once – external or internal – where possible. Strong Interpersonal and Oral/Written Communications Skills. Must be able to lead change while being flexible and resilient with capable conflict management experience. Expected to be self-motivated, accountable, and able to handle failure while building upon success. Problem Solving must be a core capability.

Pre-requisites: BS in science, engineering, or research or equivalent experience plus at least 3 years in lifecycle project experience in government or large commercial client.

Subject Matter Expert Roles

Practice Lead and Advisor: Project advisor should be able to split time across 3 to 5 projects (20% of time) and help the project kickoff within the proposed response strategy. The Project Advisor is responsible for providing the team the project context/position/sequence and creating strategic work products. The advisor should coach the Senior Consultant on conceptual work products. The Advisor should assure the proper project quality controls are in place. The Project advisor interfaces with the client in a pre and post work product way to assure client satisfaction and also look for ways, if satisfied for seek more tasks opportunities to support where we can provide the best value.  The advisor must be able to handle cross-cutting projects and know how to mentor Senior Consultants differently. Advisor is an expert in relative Subject Matter capable of understanding client needs, goals, and helping design and formulate architectural and management directions and alternatives. Must be strategic thinking and visionary considering client capability to execute recommendations. Desire to build leading practice and brand presence. Extreme client environment awareness and key connection maker to help create the line of sight for clear vision to be implemented by client and implementation team. Demonstrable capability to bring and extend practice portfolio and familiarity with engagement techniques and tools.

Pre-requisites: Senior Consultant, plus have led at least three multi-million dollar projects, have portfolio proof of experience in subject matter, and demonstrate known, active network in practice area.

Pre-Project Advisor: Pre-Project advisory is an internal position that includes support based on their network for business development and business procurement. Pre-Project Advisor should be EXCELLENT in all leadership areas noted, though especially in coalition building. They should be able to describe opportunities, capture account strategies, document win strategies. Be able to document/guide full opportunity strategies, leverage patterns for project estimates. Be able to influence and frame pre-response tasks and assure once in bid & propose, that the response is responsible, responsive, and is the best value.

Pre-requisites: The position must have an excellent established network with clients in multiple programs, departments, companies with multiple opportunities all at with senior executives. The unique way the network value may have been established can vary between excellence in client relationship, communication, architecture knowledge, or program management. Typically, this requires multiple years in the client sector, but a specific term is not required.