Xentity attracts passionate, strong change agents in data who demonstrate strong leadership and management skills as well as the technical skills. Our team focus is not just on the typical technical requisites, but we also know the domain and subject area to look at how change is impacted up and down the chain. We live for those data and tech challenges.

Xentity offers a comprehensive and market competitive benefits program and annually analyzes career models for attracting, retaining, and incenting the best people to join. The following captures highlights of the employee offering

If we do not currently have an open position in your area, you may submit a resume.


A way to look at benefits is its value is an additional 25-35% on top of your salary taking into account personal variables and bonus plan.

Keep in mind, additional savings due to pre-tax value for items such as medical premium, phone coverage for corporate staff, training/conference budget, company profit sharing, 401(k) company match, and retirement contribution. Your mileage may vary.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid Holidays, Personal Time Off, and Sick Leave
  • Medical Insurance Coverage (Click for Coverage Option Details) with options for dental and vision. Very Generous Pre-Tax Premium Coverage.
  • Solid, managed 401(k) plan offering including Company match with multiple, selected funds, traditional and Roth options via 3rdParty Trust Management
  • Company paid contracted financial / investment advisory services to support investment decisions  personalized  retirement portfolio analysis
  • Generous training budget for all employees
  • Company Cell Phones with Minutes, Texts, and data/internet (where applicable)
  • Corporate Gym access

Additional Performance-Based Compensation

  • Performance-based promotion opportunities
  • Company Profit Sharing from 1% of overall company profits
  • Referral bonus for referring talented individuals who subsequently become Xentity employees
  • Business Development Bonus based on involvement on bringing new project, proposal support, and multiple-year extensions – predicted to be additional 5-15% of salary
  • Corporate Business Development and Procurement Budget and expert support staff

Additional Information and detail can and will be provided during your interview process including:

  • Total Compensation Plan and Employee Handbook
  • Employee Agreement
  • Xentity Employment Compensation Modeling
  • Xentity Business Development Bonus Plan Overview
  • Compare Compensation: Independent Consulting to Xentity Employment

What to expect when interviewing with us

Here are some highlights and key takeaways to help your prepare for interviewing with us

Screen: After our recruiting team has reached out to you in a brief phone interview to cover the basics, if there appears to be a mutual fit, a deeper dive interview will be setup. In the mean time, you’ll be encouraged to review our site, the position, and anything else. In Some cases, as well, redacted, “disclosable” portfolio examples of your work will be requested to be provided prior to the interview.

Interview: At this 30-45 minute technical and/or behavioral interview, this will usually include team members (in some cases clients). We will check if you had a chance to do your ‘homework’ and see what you like about the opportunity, company, and project. The interview will then go into your experience and on the requested portfolio examples. These will be  specific, fast-paced, and typically detailed series of questions. This approach will be focused on separating the “ma and apple pie” hypothetical answers to true experience and insight.

Forms: When applicable, during this process you will receive an application for employment or a letter of commitment complying with EEO/VETS and government contracting hiring practices. As well, in some cases, we’ll prepare and execute background checks. We appreciate your patience and timeliness in filling the information out.

Offer: If we are a go, our Personnel Administrator will present an offer package soon thereafter and look to typically act immediately. If all moves forward, then they’ll take you through the full final information check, on-boarding, and escort you through and to your project leader.

See Posters for full hiring compliance:

Xentity is a certified small disadvantaged business participating in the SBA 8(a) Business Development program. Xentity is an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) company.