Providing Services to Enterprise and to Missions focused on Earth challenges

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Our Services Catalog focus on architecture, management, research, and communication lifecycle challenges for large organizations for private and public sector. We offer these services in traditional manner at corporate or agency headquarter to level to design, analyze and enhance management of the overall entity, enterprise, etc. We operate in extending the current leadership and management capabilities to offer out innovative architecture, design, and change approaches and solutions that help accelerate and increase quality and relevance of the project, program, management, governance, and implementation. 

And on top, rather than use proprietary methods unique to Xentity, more methods and tools are non-proprietary and adopted by Federal and Large Enterprise Architecture programs. And we even provide the toolsets, methods, templates, training to our clients and partners. We plan to release a collaborative wiki area of our extensive library of tools, templates, and training guides over 2013 and 2014 to help in expanding use and understanding of the approach.

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So what is different?

As discussed in Blending a Distributed Transformation Team, we approach transformation by reporting to corporate sponsor, but with close on-the-ground ties as much as possible with the team in the program, in the mission, in the operations and product management. Moreso, we try to focus our subject matter expertise, as one of our core architecture concepts point out, on services for Earth Mission Areas. So, on top of our enterprise services, our consultants have subject matter expertise in applying these services in issues that are critical to large world transformation such as energy, water, climate, geospatial, remote sensing, natural resources, travel, and education. To grow our subject matter expertise, we also invest in researching and piloting our patterns to allows us to prove our concepts and strengthen the specific business cases addressing these world challenges. This allows us to provide re-usable approaches, innovative concepts and solution patterns that are applicable to specific to your industries.

This is a major differentiator over staff augmentation agencies. We not only can bring the technical requirement, the staff and business management, and domain knowledge, but can share the architecture, management, and communication patterns from our knowledge base across the industry on emerging commodities such as in cloud, geospatial, energy information, etc.

Going International

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Expanding upon Xentity’s geospatial arechitectural services and eServices expertise, Xentity has gone international supporting the Indonesia NSDI effort. Xentity has recently supported partner Enterprise Planning Solutions, LLC on executing strategic and enterprise planning for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure effort in Indonesia.  

This very large program was looking to transform its NSDI program to be more effective and truly service-oriented in how it shares, develops, and invests in its geospatial program.

EnterprisePS called upon Xentity to support in envisioning the future service delivery model for true knowledge management. How can hundreds of organizations data not only be managed in a disciplined fashion to create information, but how can they train their users to best use that information to support their analysis, decision support, and other geospatial business intelligence concepts to their thousands of consumers.

Keeping in mind Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with its 17,000 islands, ever changing shorelines, with high needs for volcanic and earthquake tracking and response, making information into knowledge quickly, accurately, adding the most value becomes extremely important.

Check out the BAKOSURNATAL Program’s web site (recommend using Chrome or another translation tool to translate the site).

Xentity leaders has previously provide enterprise architecture and translation services in Argentina in support of national financial Infrastructure modernization.