Active/Recent Clients

  • Prime Contractors: CSRA, Phase One CG, SGT Inc., PPC, IBM, JGMS, FirstData, CRI, Accenture, NexGen, Vistronix/ASRC
  • State/Local: Colorado (CIO, CDO, GIO, Secretary of State, CDOT), Illinois ACA, New York ACA, NYC Mayor’s Office
  • Commercial: Water Utilities, Cloud Services, Geospatial Software, and Engineering Firms

Xentity has led over 100 service engagement which includes over 25 Data contracts including support over 45 data programs in the last 3 years

Since 2001, Xentity has provided Data Program Strategy, Design, and Production Services for our our large data program clients

Our clients succeed because of our collaborative approaches and dedicated talent trained and passionate about solving data problems. Our clients thank us for our smart dedicated talent, quality, agile, iterative deliverable value and quality management. Clients appreciate our pragmatism for knowing when to balance achieving efficiencies while introducing our native external curiosity and capability to introduce the appropriate level of data program strategy and transformational design through. We believe our superpower is our approaches addressing the sociotechnical culture, challenges, and nature of data program needs. Meaning, understanding the people, process, policy first which will ultimately drive the technology, solution, and operations.

What Type of Challenges do you have?

Our client needs vary from engagement to engagement – from efficiency support and solutions to transformational or innovative strategy and design services.

  • Efficiency Client NeedsOperation Centers – Information Management Operations You are trying improve cost center operations. You want to improve process, acquisition, workforce costs, lower complexity of jobs, and lower cost of doing cost center business. You want continuous quick wins. You want staff augmentation. You want us to perform a job and oversee hiring, deliverables as expected, and personnel management. You need DBAs, analysts (Data, Records, FOIA), developers. You want either two of three choices of: best price, faster contract, or minimum qualities. Scope usually will not change often, but may modify.
  • Transformation Client NeedsProgram Manager – Product Line Managers – Standards Executives. You are trying to get out of legacy systems and processes. You are trying to modernize due to both cost pressures and streamlining to shift dollars into services. You want to move to service provision. You see moving beyond information silos, localized BI towards integrated data by changing funding and data needs model. You want to collaborate as partners on ideation. You want smart analysts with quick answers, but not decisions on what to do. You want our experience with best practices – borrow, adjust, adopt. You have more timed deliverables, but scope can change.
  • Innovation Client Needs  – Executives Sponsors – Long-Tenure Champions – You are earlier adopters to new concepts. You want to manage disruption and be industry leaders. You want to move to the knowledge space, seek higher order need. You want to move data investment strategies from transactional to planned collective use. You want to motivate and incentivize culture to plan and maintain data such that it is usable beyond their boundaries. You want to be known for leading industry. You need best of breed in innovation as well as knowledge of risks. You want a partner to assist in development of and migrate to a new model. You will spend more on higher quality, but require on-time and agile iterations. Their scope may change, often.

United States Geological Survey

Supported Transformation to National Geospatial Data as core assets (more…)

Environmental Protection Agency

Increasing business value of the EPA Geoplatform efforts

Colorado Secretary of State

Transforming the way businesses are built off Open Data (more…)

Department of the Navy (via GSA)

Supporting Business Intelligence Program Analysis

General Services Administration

Developed the Conceptual Architecture and Requirements for (more…)

Department of the Interior

Created Actionable Enterprise Architecture Program that transformed EA at DOI (more…)

United States Geological Survey

Supporting CIO Cloud Migration and Information Management (OEI)

Department of Veteran Affairs

Developed Video Series Benefits Education Outreach for Rural Alaskan Veterans (more…)


Conducted Risk Management and Geospatial System Analysis (more…)

USGS Land Remote Sensing

Conducted integrated remote sensing requirements Program Design and Outreach (more…)

National Parks Service (NPS)

Analyzed and Improved Geospatial Services Farm (more…)

National Archives and Records Administration

Cloud Migration and prototyped Big Data Records Search and Discovery Architecture

Black Tusk GeoPhysics

Supported Contract Novation and Management for a complicated science research effort

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Supported Mission Blueprints and EA Repository efforts

Bakosurnatal (Indonesia)

Designed an NSDI for a young democracy in Indonesia (more…)

USGS Core Science Systems

Blueprinted and designed integrated science data and services (more…)

General Services Administration

Awarded IT Schedule 70 and MOBIS GSA Schedules

State of Colorado Office of Information Technology

Awarded Ten-Year IDIQ for Architecture and Management Services

Center for Disease Control

Providing Geospatial Data Products and Professional Services Support (more…)

State of New York

Supported Data Architecture for State migrations

Proud Supplier at DOI and USGS since 2003

Here are additional bureaus, offices, and programs we have supported at DOI and USGS for architecture, management, communication, and data support services

Department of The Interior

  • Interior Business Center (IBC, formerly NBC)
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Minerals Management Services (Now BOEMRE)
  • National Parks Services (NPS)
  • Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • Office of Special Trustee for Indian Affairs (OST)
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation (OSMRE)
  • Enterprise Geospatial Information Management Team

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

  • The National Map
  • Board of Geographic Names
  • Land Remote Sensing Program
  • National Geospatial Program
  • Core Science Systems
  • Core Science Analytics and Synthesis
  • Federal Geospatial Data Committee
  • Commuity for Data Integration
  • National Geospatial Technical Operations Center
  • USGS Libraries
  • National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program
  • National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program
  • Geospatial Information Office
  • Geospatial One Stop

Private Sector Client List

  • SRA International
  • Phase One Consulting Group
  • Northrop Grumman
  • SGT Inc.
  • Project Performance Company, LLC
  • IBM
  • FirstData
  • VSolvit
  • Projekt202
  • Xpressplay
  • Consolidated Mutual Water Company
  • JGMS, Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Center for Professional Development
  • LVI Services, Inc.
  • reVision, Inc.
  • Trihydro Corporation
  • Soaring Eagle Land and Cattle Co Inc.
  • Dish Network, Echostar
  • SmartTravel
  • Intrawest