Data Program Communications

  • Branding and Outreach Strategy
  • Social Media and Web DesignSupport
  • High-end Audio/Video Media Production
  • Training & Internal Corporate Videos
  • Kiosks

You need to be able to tell someone, a defined market, effectively to your communities, all the while integrating older and newer media methods

At our core, our media production teams are storytellers. Our FlipFlop Production group of media production specialists perform with integrity, professionalism, and sometimes a little appropriate light-heartedness.

FlipFloppers deliver stories from concept to final product in a multimedia movie-level quality.  Our Works in both Government and Television show high-quality capabilities to run a full production to deliver a short, highly attractive message to increase the value of your transformation outreach efforts.

Creative Brand and Research

In the rush to the web, do your customers know who you are and who you serve?

  • Program Brand Strategy
  • Product Brand Design
  • Web Brand Implementation
  • Customer Research
  • Content Creation
  • Web and Creative Design

eMarketing and Communication Strategy & Implementation

Establish lightweight, targeted communications right-sized for your organization and stakeholders

  • Blending Offline and Online Communication Tools
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Conference Logistics
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Web Presence Toolsets & Measurement Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Marcomms Development and Maintenance (Traditional, Touch-points, New Media, Online, User Input)
  • Content Management
  • Internal Communications Management

Market Analysis

With ever-changing needs, define your community of use and supply

  • Product Goals
  • Product Definition
  • Product Differntiators
  • Target Audience
  • Segmentation
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identity Packages
  • Stylization Alternatives and testing
  • Brand Application Guidance

Media Production

Leverage engaging media production techniques and stop the powerpoint madness,

  • End-To-End Audio/Video Documentary and Video service production
  • Script to Screenplay Conversion
  • Pre-production planning, prototyping, scoring, time sequencing, and executive production advisory
  • Standard Point/Shoot to high-end Videography Production (i.e. HD, Rails, Grips, Lighting, Makeup, Actors, Director, Sound Staging)
  • Post-Production editing, graphics, sound engineering, narration, media/disc distribution

Products may include:

  • Product Video Showcase
  • Mini-Documentaries
  • Network Television Show Post-Production
  • Advertising spots
  • Webisodes
  • Kiosks
  • Conference Slideware Replacement
  • Product or Program Awareness Videos
  • Testimonial or Interview Driven Products and Services Familiarization Videos
  • Historical or Current Program or Program history Videos
  • Event Promotion
  • Event Recap

Today, a person is constantly bombarded with information and it’s more difficult than ever to get someone’s attention.  Worse yet, Corporate Internal Communications Government Programs External Outreach have their own language and lingo. So do consultants.

Put them together, the community of use feels bombarded with too much information. Xentity addresses the cultural challenges of communicating transformation effort value and results using attractive, powerful new mediums.

At same time, our products and services may not be the most interesting. The dilemma is describing complex change is like describing a chess game. The chess connoisseur finds all the strategy, possible tactics, opponents moves, and play-by-play recall emotionally and intellectual engaging. The non-chess fan finds it either uninteresting or interesting, yet overwhelming.

The same goes with understanding complex transformation within an organization. As an executive, you need to communicate to your chess fans and non-fans alike. We focused on engaging communication approaches – from high-quality mini-documentaries that tell the story to attract interest to online and other interactions to retain and grow support. All at a fraction of the cost of the change design and management itself. It is an investment worth making to help bring that needed appreciation for the value created from your transformation.

Whatever the size, we can customize an engagement to meet your data challenge

Whether strategic or tactical, short or long-term, project or program, we can customize our engagements to suit your needs

  • 1 to 2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
  • 3 to 6 months – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
  • 6 to 12 month – Execute Projects from definition,  design, development, transition and rollout
  • Ongoing – Support ongoing advisory, analysis, re-engineering, improvement, development, or operations