Data Operations

Data Operations and IT Support Services

  • Data and Information Management Analysts and Operations
    • FOIA, Records, Privacy, EA, Security
  • Program Analysis including ITIL
  • Enterprise Data Management Program Implementation
  • Information Assurance Analysis
  • Data System Administration
  • IT System Operations
  • Network Operations


The key to Xentity’s success at executing  business transformation, governance, and excellence in communication management has been in the knowledge of how to integrate and tie all domains of program engagements together to create a sum value greater than the individual parts. In 2006, Xentity published an approach on enterprise planning business intelligence and management for the Department of the Interior to improve the change management coordination between CIO investment and information management including CyberSecurity, Privacy, Records Management, FOIA, Capital Planning and Investment Control, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management Plans and coordinating OMB required PAR and other strategic performance reports. In commercial organizations, some of the rigor, policy, or other aspects may very, but the tenets remain the same.

Program Analysis

Establish continuous improvement best practices in your organization to achieve higher CMM/DMM maturity levels

  • Metadata Repository Needs Analysis
  • Records Management Process and Maturity Analysis
  • FOIA Process and Communications Analysis
  • Personally Identifiable Identification System Analysis
  • System of Record Analysis
  • Authoritative Data Source and Replication Flow Analysis
  • IT Investment Maturity Analysis
  • Risk Profile
  • Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment and Plan
  • Information Managment Program Maturity Planning
  • Integrated Information Change Management Assessment
  • Budget Formulation and Information Management Assessment

Enterprise Data Management Program Implementation

Implement the Data Strategy you have wanted, with experienced staff and team(s) who have done it.

  • Data Stakeholder Exchange Modeling
  • Data Governance Analysis and Rollout
  • Inventory/Metadata practices development and support
  • Data publication and supplier schedules development and support
  • Acquisition Schedules development and support
  • Policy and Budget responsibilities and roles Integration Analysis
  • Data Lifecycle Management (DLCM) Maturity Recommendations
  • Data standards and data quality practice implementation support
  • Data object decomposition from A-16 themes, entities, feature class to granular logical data objects
  • Crowdsourcing Model analysis and Agile Roadmap
  • Gamification model integration analysis and Agile Roadmap

Service Analysis

Helping move your data operations from a cost center to a service center model

  • Program driven transition schedule development and support
  • Use-based Service Change Management Assessment
  • Existing services to platform Migration Plan and Facilitation
  • Service Delivery Architecture Requirements Development for RFI/RFP
  • “Value-add” mission focused collaboration model Development
  • Maturity-based enterprise data service and infrastructure evolution model
  • CIO Governance integration analysis with annual budget formulation
  • Policy Maturity Analysis for institutionalizing  data platform and authoritative services
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Gap Analysis and Remediation Roadmap
  • Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA)
  • Security Architecture and Environment Analysis
  • Cloud Solution and Application Security Assessment
  • Third Party Risk Management Process Review

Information Management Operations

Subject Matter Expertise for outsourcing your complex information management operations

  • Implement Program Assessment Recommendations
  • Support Off-Site Storage
  • Digitization ‘scanning” projects
  • Draft Record Retention Schedules (RRS)
  • Extracting information and provide records holding expertise
  • Litigation Processing Support
  • Process FOIA Requests
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control Process Management
  • Draft Memos
  • Records Release
  • Guidance Content Development and Improvement for Web Site, Intranet, Templates, Reading Rooms, Manuals, and Training
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • Conduct Training
  • Stakeholder Support and Service Desk
  • Adapt Information Management Systems Workflows

Information Assurance Analysis

Get back control in vulnerability exposure and security management efficiencies

  • Vulnerability and Exposure Lab
  • Goal Oriented and Malware Attack Simulation
  • Information Security Program Development and Review
  • Software Security Analysis Definition
  • Security Standards Development Program
  • Mobility Security Strategy Consulting
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services
  • CISO On-Demand Services and Staffing Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Incident Response and Malware
  • Roadmap and Implementation Service
  • Payment Card Industry Services (PCI)
  • Education & Training Services

Data System Administration

IT Managed Services for augmenting your IT Operations

  • Content Management System Administration
  • GIS System Administration
  • GIS Data Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Software Development (Custom, Product, Open-Source)
  • Service Desk Operations
  • Configuration Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio Network Operations
  • Information Security Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Cloud Hosting Operations

Whatever the size, we can customize an engagement to meet your data challenge

Whether strategic or tactical, short or long-term, project or program, we can customize our engagements to suit your needs

  • 1 to 2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
  • 3 to 6 months – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
  • 6 to 12 month – Execute Projects from definition,  design, development, transition and rollout
  • Ongoing – Support ongoing advisory, analysis, re-engineering, improvement, development, or operations

We use an Integrated Change Approach to manage data

Get your data, metadata, master data, reference data, and mission data aligned to maximize your time, investment, and data quality

To make changes among these previously disparate and uncoordinated efforts, an Integrated Change management approach was recommended. This includes an integrated oversight of the parts that need to be connected, understood, and communicated prior to significant investment, supported by excellent  communication and project management skills to facilitate the changes.

This is crucial to the executing of enterprise information management, program management offices (PMOs),and data lifecycle management concepts with multiple driving force directions pulling on it (i.e. policy change, regulations and compliance, mission direction including strategic plans and transformation blueprints, and change budget pressures). These approaches help ensure Enterprise Architecture plays a key role in being a coordination component to organizing strategic principles, product and service roadmaps, transformational blueprint recommendations, and resulting plans such as product, capital, integrated strategic, and even future business cases, yet at same time, is just one of many key change leadership and management components.


Improve Performance - Plan and Manage your data

Your project, program, or organization leadership typically hinges on your effectiveness to implement relevancy. Usually that means improving performance or integrating change – both of which helps garner the goals.

Issues clients may encounter requiring these services include:

  • Program Management: Few delivered on time, on budget, on scope, on quality. Sponsorship lacking, not insuring/governing/buying risk, still not agile PM
  • Planning to the beast and not the customer: There is a fear at operational level of making decisions that lead to a innovative approaches or straying from norm – risk adverse. And why not, what is the reward for doing things better?
  • Your Team is thinking about surviving, not thriving: Is your mission management model or system designed to manage sustained change and transition proactively and built into the culture? Or is it setup to run operations, and as issues come up, react distinctly to each issue. You may have organizing units by a product or service, but are your metrics setup about growing, increasing relevancy?
  • Enterprise Planning flavor of the day: Due to either past failures, or perception that new approaches are repackaged ways tried before kills internal buy-in towards integrated or collaborative techniques. Enterprise architecture, team functional/segment analysis, or agile project management may have been “tried” before, but instead of evaluating failure as tried to take on too much scope, other factors not resolved above, or simply, was over-engineered, are usually not labelled as the cause. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water or enterprise planning gets tossed aside due to lack of leadership, mistrust or burn-out.
  • Shopping hungry (aka Funding Mismatch): You have a great new change plan, great new architecture, but its unfunded both short and long-term. How do you work within your budget which is a constraining variable in all work formulas precluding optimization across elements. These may be synthesized or aggregated – mixed and matched as you see fit. Some programs may actually be funded right, but key functions of program budget are misaligned limiting what can be accomplished as a whole.