How We Tried to Answer That Question

What does mean to It is definitely a loaded question, that is for sure. But, we wanted to try to answer it, and got the chance a while back. During the first International Open Government Data Conference in November 2010, Xentity Geospatial Services and Architect Lead, Jim Barrett had the opportunity to present alongside colleagues. Such colleagues included the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal CIO, CTO, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and several other name-dropping figures in this space. One of the major topics was and its impact on

Jim presented on our recent conceptual architecture work for that looked to integrate the previous administration’s In doing so, we actually managed to answer the very loaded question of what it means to and its open data registration accounts for over 80% of all data in, so it is, by all means, a major impact to where would need to focus.

The conference continues as a bi-annual event with the last one to be held in July 2012

If you want to know more, and find out just how we presented our answer, the following link captures the extended version of Jim’s presentation: and Service Mission Relationship_v5a