With the cost data acquisition, curation, creation, and maintenance, people want to re-use quality data. This is open data.

It's about Increasing Transparency and Access to valuable data goes beyond compliance. It involves making data re-usable, service-able, and business cases have shown can power economic and scientific advancement.

Clients look for high-visibility open data portals, aggregations, and community development that spans Federal, State, Local, and International Experience.

Top Solutions

  1. Open Data Platforms (CKAN, Socrata, ODS, GeoNetwork, more) (Design, Dev)
  2. Open Data ETL Supply Chain Integration(Design, Dev)
  3. Open Data Vision and Roadmap Consulting (Strategy)
  4. Open Data Pipeline and Metadata Operations & Maintenance

Top 5 Challenges Open Data Face

  1. The old nerdy sarcastic adage - "The great thing about standards is that there are so many". Aggregation solutions need adaptive transformation, presentation, and publication rules.
  2. Open data policy, practices and solutions for fluid, big, and fast is non-existent. The policy is for traditional compliance more recently required, yet still early, scientific publication to support datasets.
  3. Discoverability solution still relies on metadata, and rules-based filtering, publication, weighting and gamification. This still makes finding the lost ark more likely than an open dataset in the wild.
  4. Semantic data feature mapping still is a dream as the focus is on getting the open data out there.
  5. Focus is on open datasets, not open data assets. Undiscoverable data assets are applications, products, maps, galleries, collections. These need aggregated registry solutions .