Web Development and Planning

Taken directly from the website itself, the Federal Geographic Data Committee’s GeoPlatform website was developed by the member agencies of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) through collaboration with partners and stakeholders. The target audience for the GeoPlatform includes federal agencies, state, local, and tribal governments, private sector, academia, and the general public.

This year, they contracted Xentity for support in website development and documentation; support for architecture planning; support for users/helpdesk and training/education; web services development, documentation, and maintenance, along with developing and maintaining open application programing interfaces; developing and maintaining semantic ground registries and semantically enabled geospatial searches; platform and applications development, integration, documentation, and maintenance; and support for cloud-based hosting environments and cloud-based platform development, operations and maintenance.

Support Needed For Development

In today’s data driven society, where almost everything is electric or digital, a good website is a must. If it fails to launch or fails to deliver on your organization’s mission statement, everything else falls apart entirely. This is why we often see organizations reach out to experts for support in web development. Also with documentation of activities for the sake of replication. Xentity is no different in that regard. 

Throughout this contract, we will provide support of usability assessment, design, and development of web-based applications. Also sites to help GeoPlatform operate properly. Next, we will help ensure existing geospatial infrastructure is utilized most effectively and efficiently as a wellness check of said existing infrastructure. We will provide user support via specialized help desk functions to help GeoPlatform ensure a better user experience. Then, we will enhance interoperability for data services and systems, and developing and maintaining APIs.

Furthermore, we will design and implement open source interoperable semantically enabled platforms that conform with standards in a secure cloud environment. Then, we will provide the technology and organizational framework necessary to support missions and administration priorities with timely and accurate geospatial data and services. Finally, we will provide development, operations and maintenance support for the GeoPlatform. This will provide access to remotely managed, common geospatial data, services applications and infrastructure. This will also involve migrating a platform from one cloud hosting platform to another which will have minimal impact for users.

Ongoing, But We’re Hopeful

While this is currently an ongoing project, we hope to see the FGDC’s Geoplatform run more smoothly as a website both for the organization itself, and for its users. In today’s data driven world, websites need to run smoothly and efficiently to provide its data for users. Otherwise an organization cannot hope to succeed in its mission. And we are happy to help an organization better promote its mission.