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How Understanding Complexity may help you change the game

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Go Code Colorado recognized with a StateScoop 50 award

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Colorado has done something quite innovative and has been recognized with a StateScoop 50 award for State Innovation of the Year. 

And Xentity was glad to be a part of it.
Colorado’s Office of the Secretary of State invented and delivered Go Code Colorado, an app development competition for using public data to address challenges identified by the business community.  Three teams built winning apps and business plans and will have their technology licensed by the state for a year.  These teams have formed businesses; some are in discussions with investors and some have left their day jobs to focus on building their new venture.
Here’s the genius of Go Code Colorado: the State took funds from the filing fees that businesses pay to register their businesses and GAVE IT BACK to the business community through Go Code Colorado… AND incubated three new promising businesses in the process.
Plans are to build on this first year and run Go Code Colorado for a second year… on a larger scale and improving on many aspects based on lessons learned from year one.
Xentity had the pleasure of participating in Go Code Colorado as the State’s data management provider — sourcing, curating, improving and publishing 38 datasets from state agencies from Higher Ed to Labor and Employment.
You can see more about Go Code and Xentity’s support in our April Blog Entry: Go Code Colorado Open Data Effort is going into its final weeks . Also, check out the photo gallery of the final event.