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We support our clients in creating concepts of operations (CONOPS) and strategies that consider their long-term goals. A transformation effort typically starts with strategic business drivers, looking for process efficiency, cost savings, better utilization of resources, and/or looking at ways to make a product or service more relevant.

Our transformation and analysis approach, optimized and tailored to your unique needs, helps us understand your directive and motivating factors in order to derive the right implementable and relevant architecture, transition plan, and implementation guidance. Our model is built on developing and iterating upon your long term strategy, building towards a better understanding of your project, program, line of business, segment, and enterprise.


  • Data Program Policy
  • Data Program Planning
  • Organization Development
  • Data Program Governance


  • Implementation Support
  • Capital/Financial Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Management


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Transformation
  • Enterprise Metadata Solutions


Before we engage, we evaluate ineffective practices and trends to better understand what is causing failure, delay, and/or trepidation towards needed change.

With that, we tailor engagements with:

  • Reasonable transition based on their mission needs and investment plans
  • Analyze what can be re-used in management techniques, change management, governance, and overall portfolio
  • Understand gaps, risks and provide solutions and services to government compliance, response, and business support
  • Help the transformation recommendations be vetted into acquisition, triage, planning, and designing language and principles
  • Build designs, architectures, and plans that breeds tactical success for management and implementers towards desired strategy
  • Strategically layer in various, and possibly overkill change communications techniques. such as:
    • Manage the flow of new knowledge across the organizational influencing personas
    • understand the transformational chess or Sun-Tzu nature of influence and decisions
    • use tools that help differentiate efforts from emails and websites such as Videos, push media, and socialization and collaboration.
  • Transition, educate, and grow skills of organization and implementation teams to be able to successfully implement the design and manage the complicated compliance nature of large government or commercial projects.