Data Program Strategy Services

  • Chief Data Office
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Program Architecture
  • Outreach Services

Before we engage, we evaluate ineffective practices and trends to better understand what is causing failure, delay, and/or trepidation towards needed change. We seek to blend strategic roadmap, investment analysis, governance, and architecture efforts with identifying workshops, proof of concepts, minimum viable product, and technical debt solutions. Our approaches analyze stakeholder drivers, painpoints, immovable objects such as policies and milestones, existing goals/objectives, link to products and services, then the asset portfolio of apps, data, systems, and technology. We will right-size engagements balancing 'quick wins' to gain trust and mavens in the process while aligning actions to the broader evolving strategy. Our transformation approaches have been adopted as best practices at the White House, Federal Agencies, and States. Our approaches have been evaluated by multiple consortiums, internatial bodies, and ivy league institutions.


  • Data Program Policy
  • Data Program Planning
  • Organization Development
  • Data Program Governance


  • Implementation Support
  • Capital/Financial Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Management


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Transformation
  • Enterprise Metadata Solutions


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