Very Large Array as Sunset (Satellite Dishes from Contact)

Predictive and cognitive requires data and information lifecycle design

Get the basics first....

Design to disruption

Predictive and cognitive requires
information and lifecycle design

Get the basics first...

Design to disruption

Predictive and cognitive requires
information and lifecycle design


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Contract Vehicles

  • UEI MV16RAZPXBA1 | DUNS 152419722 | Primary NAICS: 541611 | CAGE Code: 4Q8L9  | TIN 56-2323069 
  • Link to SBA Profile  | Small Business Administration, SDB/DBE
  • Xentity Contracts Program Manager Point of Contact Information:; (303) 376-6216

Xentity Catalog Standard Price List – Full pricing list for Standard, Commercial, and Government for all services and labor categories with descriptions.

For easy access, Xentity services are available via multiple contract vehicles.


Active Contract Vehicles any Government Agency can leverage.

Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts

IDIQ/BPA Contract Vehicles

  • BLM SETA, IT Support Services, IT Strategy, and Specific Programs (WO-300, O&G, etc.)
  • BLM GIS Services
  • State of California IT Services MSA
  • Colorado IT Services MSA
  • DOI Field Communications IDIQ FC2 Radio Geospatial Analyst Services
  • DOI Foundation Cloud Hosting Services (FCHS) Services - Agency Specific Services
  • EPA ITS-BISS III Architecture & Analysis Services
  • FGDC IDIQ (Prime)
  • FHWA Data Consulting & Research Services
  • NGA JANUS Program - Architecture & Analysis Services
  • NPS Multiple Data/SW Dev & O&M Services (Prime)
  • USACE - IWR Navigation Analytical & Professional Support Services – Geospatial, Data, Development & Architectures Services
  • USFS National Geospatial Services (Contract #: 1284JC18D0003) (Prime) - Orders in Cartography, Geospatial Data Management, Hydrography, Mobile Application Development, Reporting Analysis, Data Center Migration, Stewardship Planning & Workshops, and Boundary Analysis & editing
  • USGS EROS TSSC IV - Architecture & Analysis Services

Active Data Contracts in Open, Geo, Big, and IoT – as Well as All Data Areas

Land Use and Management

  • BLM National GIS Services
  • USFS National Geospatial Services
  • NPS National Data Services
  • CPW Mobile Fishing Application
  • Past: DOI, USGS, EPA, USDA

Data Platforms and Services

  • DOI Open Data Services
  • FGDC
  • GSA
  • Colorado Open Data Services
  • NYC Geo Dashboard/Data Solution
  • Past: EPA, Commerce (NOAA/NWS), IMLS, NARA, Navy, NSF, UCAR, and dozens of Counties

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • USDOT/FHWA Data Advisory Services
  • Colorado DOT Chief Data Office Services
  • Colorado DOT On-Call GIS Services
  • COVENDIS: CDOT Chief Data Office Services
  • Past:  Water Utilities, Water Engineering, Fluid Fleet Asset and Freight, and NENA/NG911 GIS Data Services


  • Avolve PM Services (Prime)
  • TomTom Geospatial Data Products Customization (Prime)
  • NYC CARTO Hosting & Enhancement Support Services
  • Pacific Spatial CARTO and Geospatial Application Development Services
  • USFS Avenza interactive digital map application service (Prime)
  • VOGO Voice Platform Services
  • Past: HHS Atlassian, OPM Atlassian, USGS CARTO POC, USGS AWS, various commercial clients in CARTO, AWS, ESRI, FOSS4G, GCP, etc.


  • Over 20 Active Subcontracting Partners in Active Contracts & Orders
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB) 
  • Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Active Product Partnerships: AWS, ESRI Silver Partner, CARTO, Atlassian, more
  • Active Open Source Code Community Participant in FOSS 4G, CKAN

Ethical, Compliant and Responsive Business Management is a top priority

Our customers can be assured that the contractual accounting, personnel recruiting & management, and business project management requirements will be handled in the most professional and efficient manner possible, and only by highly trained personnel. 3rd party CPA creates annual reviewed financial statements and conducts DCAA Compliant.