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Predictive and cognitive requires data and information lifecycle design

Get the basics first....

Design to disruption

Predictive and cognitive requires
information and lifecycle design

Get the basics first...

Design to disruption

Predictive and cognitive requires
information and lifecycle design


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Our clients succeed because of our collaborative approaches and our dedicated, talented personnel who are passionate about solving knowledge, info, and data (KID) problems. We believe our superpower is our approach to addressing the sociotechnical culture, challenges, and nature of data program needs. We first develop a deep understanding of the people, process, and policy guiding data needs, then use that knowledge to drive the technology, solution, and operations. Our clients thank us for our smart, dedicated team, high-quality agile approaches, valuable iterative deliverables, and timely delivery of outcomes.   Our clients appreciate our pragmatism for knowing how to balance achieving efficiency while introducing external curiosity and capability at the appropriate level of strategic design through production and operations.  Our teams rapidly adapt to our clients’ driver – Is your challenge about introducing disruptive innovations? Is it designing transformation to complex information life cycle challenges? Are we moving data from A to B to create insights? Operating information workflow more effectively and/or efficiently than before?


Delivery Purpose: “Valued Output. Less Sooner. Checkpoint Often. Timely Iterations.”


Core Values: “Proactive Communication. Selfless Leaders. Change Agents. Results Focused and Accountable. Build Actionable Coalitions."


Vision Statement - Make Geo, Open, Big, IoT, and Voice Data into key assets 

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