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Xentity attracts passionate, talented people with strong data technical skills and honed change agent leadership skills. We go beyond technical purity - we seek those who want to see data move to knowledge. Go beyond GIS, scripting, and NLP coding into understanding mission use and its impact on how new analytics, workflows, and integrations can change organizations and end use.

Our staff work with a variety of government, enterprise, and commercial data in challenges which feed the Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, and Metaversa to come. For not, we're baring down on making data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable to enable these visions. Our clients are in are such as Land & Natural Resources, Transportation & Infrastructure, Health, Sicence, Energy, and Emergency/Hazards. 

We seek to assist the technical platforms, data pipelines, engineer new data assets, and integrate into these new models. Our longer term consultants advise, invfluence, and design the epics needed to govern, architect, and transform towards these new visions. 

If you are passionate about data, love challenges related to technology, and have a competitor’s spirit that desires to grow through your own efforts and merits, then Xentity is the workplace for you.

Please consider applying whether you are looking for full-time employment or are an independent consultant.


We offer a comprehensive and market competitive Total Compensation approach with benefits 25-35% above salary base to attract and retain talented staff such as:

Bonus Programs

Remote Work, Flex Time, and Self-Managed Time off

Multiple Insurance options in Medical, Dental, and more

Robust, managed retirement with 401(k), Roth options, and matching schedule

Perks: BYOD Reimbursement, Training Budget, Collaborative Culture

 *You may receive additional savings due to pre-tax value for items such as medical premiums, phone coverage for corporate staff, training/conference budget, company profit sharing, 401(k) company match, retirement contribution. Taking into account personal variables and bonus plan participation, your mileage may vary.

Our Culture

While you will be project focused to deliver for our clients, our staff have established a supported birds of a feather culture in our tracks, welcome lunches, lunch and shares, multiple peer and leadership recognization programs. We believe this cross-project collaborative culture truly differentiates us from the rest..


We validate a mutual match through our process. Our recruiters phone screen gets the basics out of the way to make sure of your interest, and matches logistics including timing of the decision process and your needs.

Typically multiple interviews are setup to make sure skills and interactions are a project and culture fit. The offer process will ensure transparency in your total compensation, dates, and any personnel questions - along with full portal access.

Finally, as part of on-boarding, we have a fully electronic form process with documented activities personalized to your 30, 60, 90 day ramp-up which includes getting to know your role, your teammates, client, and other 'track' staff. We are especially proud of our intense FirstWeek cultural and ramp-up training to help get to your environment, tools, knowledge base, and our best practices.


Please email us at should you have questions after your screening about your application in progress.

If after you submit your resume, and you have not been contacted, we suggest you validate the job application to see if the position is in active hiring status.

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Xentity is an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) company and SBA certified small disadvantaged business