Get started with a JumpStart popular package engagement  

We engage in initial engagements to JumpStart initiatives both to gain interest and direction in your investment as well as test our capabilities out before looking to engage in longer-term engagements. This cuts across our Services: data strategic definition and roadmap; pilot new data flows or pipelines; rapid data app minimum viable product (MVP); workshop requirements ideation and prioritization; or conduct data technology due diligence or capability evaluations.

JumpStart Roadmap

In short order, evaluate your current investment in data technology red flags, portfolio requirements, and prioritize your efforts

Jumpstart Workshop

Our Jumpstart Workshops will align your vision to priorities, align solution qualities, and create a backlog of aligned actions for your team to gain investment traction.

JumpStart MVP

Get a prototype to move your initiative forward with our "less sooner" approach. Showcase your business transformation vision via a demonstration analysis or solution MVP.

Looking into longer, formal engagements? Extend your Program (Services)

For over 20 years, we have provided 1 to 5 year engagements as a dedicated functions in support of Large Data Programs. We are prepared to respond to various outsourced teams: Chief Data Office, Data Program/System Integrators, or Data Operations

Engagement Type

JumpStart Roadmap

JumpStart Workshop

JumpStart MVP


Ideation Focused, PairWise Comparison Backlog for investment planning

Multiple Line of Sight Activities to align Policy, Stakeholders

Listening Sessions and Desk Audits to result in collaboratively develop Investment Concept of Operations


Due-Diligence Analysis of your data technologies

Design Focused Alternatives Analysis Conceptual Ideation

Demonstrable Prototype of your target data pipeline, app, services, or knowledge solution


Data Supply Chain and workflow challenge prioritization

Agile Prioritization for Epics, Stories and Resulting Short/Mid-Term Sprints

Deep analysis of your dataset, pipeline, and demonstration of target changes

JumpStart Engagement Pricing

Any engagement is price according to the length engaged. We keep it simple to be able to focus on the goal - to jump start your change initiative/investment.




Price (US$)








1 week sprint

2 Week Sprint

3 2 week sprints


Additional 10% Pre-Payment Discount

Additional 15% Pre-Payment Discount

Or Split into 2 payments - 50% pre-payment and 50% on deliverable acceptance 

Customize your JumpStart Engagement

As part of JumpStart Workshop, Roadmap, and/or MVP engagement preparation, we will uncover Engagement Focus, investment phase, target audience, engagement quality controls, expertise level sought, calendar milestones, and # of Participants/stakeholders. We will then design the right activities which best align to build momentum moving forward. We will present you with an action plan and all deliverables. Activities may include:




· Pre-Populated Workshop Templates

· Execute Workshop, Analysis, or Demo/MVP

· PDF Digitize Outputs

· Hold Line of Sight Interview

· Real-time Notetaking

· Single Deliverable

· Review Strategic Input

· Agile Scrum/Kanban Board Tracking

· Executive Summary

· Build Organization Lexicon

·  Top Objectives and Epics Poker Pointing and/or Pairwise Comparison Sessions

· Mid-Level Activity Plan

· Ideation meetings

·  Mission Priority Map

· Modeling Documents in Architecture Templates

· Trend analysis and capture inventory of epics, questions, data, systems

·  Epic/Use Case/Story Grooming & Pointing Sessions

· Cleaned-up Issue/Risk Registry

· Workshop Sponsor Agenda Iterations

·  Inventory Review (Data, Policy, Governance, Tech)

· Add Creative Design to Digitization

· Prep draft alternative analysis

·  3 Month Action Plan

· Digitize Enumerations into online Agile or Cloud tools

· Sprint Plan

·  Data Bank Inventory Review

·  2-3 Technical and Process Models Analysis

·  2-3 Conceptual Data Models Analysis

·  2-3 App/Service Feature MVP Solutions

· Breakout Debriefs

· Executive Sponsor Decision Session Presentation

· Training Sessions

· SME/Vendor Presentations or Due Diligence Audits