Jumpstart Workshop

Our Jumpstart Workshops will help align your vision to priorities, align solution qualities, and create a backlog of aligned actions for your team to gain traction.

Rapid Analysis/MVP

In short order, move your business transformation forward through rapid and collaborative analysis, and showcase your vision via a demonstration of the next phase.

Extend your Program

As a dedicated function, we are prepared to respond to various outsourced teams: Chief Data Office, Geospatial Services, or Data Operations

Whether your interests are in Data Strategy, Data Design, or Data Production, our engagements can be executed in short projects, large projects, and everything in between. Such projects include:


Quick Workshop Tasks

Length: <2 Months - Objective: To demonstrate immediate value in an agile workshop, sprint, or alternative analysis.

You need outside advisors, designers, project managers, or subject matter experts to get your project off to the right start. We can kick start your change effort, or get it back on track with our two day workshop. Our workshops are rapid-implementation planning efforts that  seek to build momentum moving forward. Xentity’s workshop approach focuses on gaining consensus across your team, establishing a common vision and concept of operations, determining priorities and dependencies for key requirements and milestones, and scoping the pilot phase to demonstrate value.

Our workshops typically require a few weeks of pre-project preparation with the sponsor and communication with  your team. Next, we execute a rapid, intense workshop with your core team spanning two days. Finally, we present you with an action plan and all workshop deliverables polished after real-time data capturing. The goal of this workshop is  to build a road-map for the future that establishes a clear “long term strategy” from executives to users by reducing costs, encouraging development and building support for your change effort. Our workshops end with a pilot sprint that shows your new vision with tangible data, application, and/or solution values, as well as further architecture recommendations for your next phase.



Length: 3 months – 1 year - Objective: To execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation. You want insurance that your initiative is on the right track - whether seeking innovation, transformation or efficiency improvements. You need to analyze and develop solutions to be more flexible, drive down costs, reduce cycle time, and improve services to citizens across the board. In short, you are hoping to accomplish much more with much less. With our analysis services and project solutions, Xentity can execute various analysis engagements for you:

  • Strategy - Analyze new Architecture Concept of Operations, New Data Architectures; and impacts to consolidate and streamline Organization Processes, Data, Systems, and Technology.
  • Mission - Process Simplification and Efficiency Gains for your operations through Business Process Analysis and Data and Information Design.
  • Solution - If an analysis is what you seek, then we will help you develop Business Solution Designs, Capabilities Assessments, and Business Modernization Blueprints and Implementations.
  • Prototype - Support new data technology proof of concepts in our cloud or your development environment.
  • Planning - We offer transition planning to support RFQ/RFP efforts, project implementation, and implementer/operations transitions for Agile Project Initiation, Planning Support, Project Risk Assessment, and Business Transition Planning.

Whatever your goals are, our goal over these next two months is to help you reach a solution that you can be proud of. And if your problem is in data, you better believe we have a solution for it.



Length: 1 – 5 years - Objective: To support ongoing services as an extension of your organization for all our services. Your organization may require an engagement extending over several years. You are investing in a new Chief Data Office (CDO). You are looking to retain top leadership in or to lead your CIO Office. You are looking for Data Operations Contract staff support in Geospatial, Open, Big, or IoT data. You are looking for Architects to support a portfolio of transformation and efficiency engagements over the years to come. Xentity Program and Quality Management engagements are scaled to support both small and large teams in:

  • CIO (e.g. Cybersecurity, Records Management)
  • CDO (e.g. Data Architecture, Solutions Advisory)
  • Data Operations (e.g. Data Management Analysis, Data Production Support)
  • Project Reachback (e.g. Data Products, Application Development)

As your partners in this engagement, Xentity’s Program and Quality Management teams are with you in the long-run.