We love data. We believe the I in IT has been second fiddle for too long.


  1. Data Aggregation Solutions- Pipelines (ELT, ETL, Serverless), Real-Time Data Hub, Field Collection Apps, Data Catalog, Metadata Inventory, Data Services
  2. Information Platforms & Services - Process/Workflow Platforms, Warehouse Integration, Mobile Apps, MicroServices Platforms, Geospatial Platforms
  3. Knowledge Models & Platforms - Search & Discovery Solutions, Analytics, Visualization, Semantic Platforms, STEM Workbenches
  4. Wisdom AI & Learning Data Solutions - Training/Learning Data Dev, AI & Machine Learning Platforms, Massive streaming aggregations, Data Science AI Workbench platforms

Top Industry Solutions

  1. Government Geospatial & Open Data Aggregation, Catalog, and Workbench Delivery Platforms
  2. Emergency & Incident Data serverless Temporospatial Data Pipelines & Web Services integrated with workflows & Enriched Data Product Generation
  3. Land Management Information Platforms - Content, Documents, Workflow, Geospatial Integration
  4. Transportation Data Aggregation & Knowledge Platforms (Geospatial, CIM, Real-time ITS Data Hub, Analytics, and Microservices) 
  5. Health Data Aggregation, Workbench, and AI/ML Algorithm platforms
  6. Data Science Tool Workbenches (Containers, Registries, Data Slices and Services Integration)


Data helps understand “What happened?”

Whether its raw feeds, simple datafiles, published datasets, logs, content, we provide a broad series of Integration and Interoperable data platform services: Data 


  • Pipelines (ELT, ETL, Serverless, COTS)
  •  Standards-based Transformations (Transformations, Formats, Encoding)
  • Real-Time Data Stream Hubs
  • Data Microservices
  • Data services (WMS, WFS, WCS, REST/XML Web Service)
  • Database Connectors
  • Field Collection Apps
  • Open Data Catalogs Metadata Inventory
  • Data Asset Registry & Search (Transformations, Datasets, Systems, Apps, Web Services, Feature, Layers, Metadata, Field Maps, Containers, algorithms, ontologies, scripts, code repo’s, reports) 

Challenges to Address

  • Automate on-going Data integration to support information and knowledge solutions
  • Streamlining processes and data by consolidating systems and technology
  • Wrangling and extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data to make it more useable and consumable
  • Lower your disproportionate high investment in aging data production and loading systems
  • Address data infrastruct inefficiencies: aging expensive 'iron servers'/hardware, unmanaged or oversize cloud instances, and modernize technologies.
  • Address and Govern Data maturity
  • Integrate governance planning with metadata repositories connecting goals, metrics, use cases, data assets, systems, and technologies to support prioritization and complexity.
  • Maximize full value from sensor investment by making higher access and available to analytics efforts 


Information joins data to analyze complicated questions to historically find out “Why did it happen?”

Information takes data and puts into specific relational or object data models to support very specific policy-driven processes. To support policy & compliance workflow, we support:


  • Process Management (Workflow platforms, Curation, Chaining) 
  • Relational databases
  • Warehouses
  • GIS & warehouse integration
  • GIS supply workflows 
  • Geospatial Platforms 
  • Information Exchange Buses between systems (Electronic Data Interfaces, API to API, Web services, standards transformations)
  • Data Product Generation 
  • Basic reporting & visualization dashboards
  • Mobile applications

Challenges to Address

  • Lower the acquisition cost of data, systems, and technology
  • Establish core, foundational, authoritative, accessible datasets and reference models to integrate thematic and mission datasets consistently across business units.
  • Migrate Iron to Cloud IaaS solutions to reduce technical debt
  • Synchronized disconnected and integrate redundant GIS data workflows
  • Get information management activities back on track with agile approach to configurable application sets on common platforms
  • Tag, scan and make available non-relational data (legacy maps, scanned documents, etc.) in newer content, document and records management platforms.
  • Rapidly develop various using Agile Scrum methods in Web, Mobile, GIS, and Voice (skills)
  • Develop service integration to facilitate knowledge transfer and reuse
  • Engage your community in your change efforts with workflows including Gamification, Incentivization, CrowdSourcing, and Outcome-driven Governance
  • Create enterprise information for integrated change management


Knowledge requires agility to gain more accurate insight into findings to answer “What is or will be happening?” 

...while adding in the information context of Why. Knowledge is in the present, focuses more on monitoring real-time or near real-time for either operational or project-analysis decision support. To understand what is and will happen, solutions provide Decision support, modeling, analytics and monitoring. Solutions integrate STEM data, semantic data and multiple ontologies, temporospatial data versioning solutions,  and support advanced analytics on high-powered cloud or HPC. We provide solutions such as:


  • Search & Discovery
  • Orchestration (MQ, Link, Mediate, Broker, Publish, Syndicate)
  • Intelligent Sensor feed pre-processing
  • Data Warehouses & Beyond (Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes)
  • Analytics (Visualization, Estimation, Sensitivity, Modeling, Simulation)
  • Modeling 
  • Data STEM Tools & Workbench solutions (Notebooks, Repositories, Containers). 

Challenges to Address

  • Improve discovery metadata, develop semantic web models, improve interpretative signals, introduce machine learning, Search Signals, increase SEO, catalog development
  • Reduce the large amount of time scientists spend in data engineering and IT setup & access
  • Shift these labor intensive hours to conducting advance decision support analysis and modeling.
  • Reduce access, discovery, and process burden on the customers, users, and citizens
  • Develop solutions collaboratively to encourage partnerships between Xentity and their clients.
  • Establish Performance Dashboards to provide decision support optics
  • Shift Performance reporting to include  trending, predictive, or other suggestive analytics
  • Align large sensor investments with analytics and use efforts


Wisdom seeks to provide the answer or recommended options to “What should we do?”

Most human wisdom is not pure classification sorting, algorithmic logic, or programmatic decisions.  Wisdom lives in a world of “chaotic and fluid and yet to be captured in a way to be used yet” data. Wisdom will require creation of prediction/solution set based on copious amounts of collaboration to truly bring the data together. These solutions will require support data to be built on top of the learned and signal data occurs relies heavily on data science and computer science models. which rely on natural language processing, higher order linked data, fuzzy logic, interpretive signals, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, and low-level atomic big data analytics. Without this context, which is both exciting and unsettling in the same moment, wisdom solutions will remain on the horizon in general, and be applicable for niche-specific solutions. While in its early phases the “What should we do about it?” our solutions offer:


  •  AI & Machine Learning Platforms
  • Massive streaming aggregations
  • Data Science AI Workbench platforms
  • A/B Signal testing & acceptance/rejection lifecycle
  • Multiple-ontological and linked data solutions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Low-level atomic big data analytics.

Challenges to Address

  • Create high quality AI/ML training data to address the promise of AI technology solutions - solutions rushed into production will not yield results replacing human interaction.
  • Integrate historical data with near real-time, and real-time data to support more robust and higher fidelity analytics
  • Provide Temporospatial analytics to automatically provide ranging guidance, predictive analysis, or recommendations 
  • Integrate beyond traditional sensor data, foundational data, and thematic data with newer data integration with social, behavioral, incident, or citation/criminal data

Data Solution Technologies Portfolio Highlighted list

  • Geospatial Data – Web Services, Web Apps, ESRI Silver Partner, Boundless / Open Layers (QGIS), CARTO, OGC, KML, Open GIS, QGIS, GeoJSON, SAFE FME, FOSS4G stacks (GeoNetwork, GeoServer, TerriaJS, Kepler, Leaflet, Terraframe), Metadata Schemas (FGDC, ISO, Project Open Data
  • Open Data - Open Data Catalogs Technologies such as CKAN, Socrata, ODS, and Various Data Pipeline technologies (Cloud Serverless, Informatica, Kettle, NodeJS packages).
  • Big Data – NoSQL, Hadoop, PEGA, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Luciad, BrainSpace, Lakes, Warehouses, 4V’s, Warehouse, Ponds, Puddles, Marts, real-time filtering/processing, and versed in AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud Platform frameworks
  • All Data –  SEO, Data-Driven Workflow, Openrefine, CSV, Excel, Informatica, NodeJS, SAFE FME, Data wrangling, RDBMS, unstructured, virtual ETL, SAP BO, HTML5/CSS/Javascript, Business Intelligence, Mobile, MVC JS