We have a "GOBI" Data Focus

There are lots of amazing resources out there on Management information systems with normal tabular data with a temporal, financial or taxonomic (categories) dimension. There are ERP, CRM, Financial, HR, and many other common MIS solutions. Yet there are 4 data types that are creepingin and changing organizations quickly in data practices - This is our Geospatial - Open - Big - Iot(Sensors) Data focus. 

  • Yet, more and more, as data moves into decision support, analytics modeling, detail on where is needed for spatiotemporal 'asks'. When where data is available, it is usually in pieces covering smaller areas, and not an integrated fabric covering the area of interest. This is geospatial data.
  • Then, with the cost data acquisition, curation, creation, and maintenance, people want to re-use quality data. This is open data.
  • On top of those two, data exhaust - logs of usage, traffic, interactions, transactions, search trends - is at such a granular level that before what was considered data exhaust is now considered data gold to help advise in micro-reactions, trends, and guidance to influence the smallest of interactive, search, algorithm, and model signals. This is Big Data.
  • Finally, not only is the data getting big, yet the amount of sensors has grown so much that 20 years ago, computer scientists had to design a new internet protocol foreseeing that the previous would exhaust the amount of connected devices. This is the Internet of Things or IoT world - with sensors connected within the enterprise and publicly creating a wave of noisy, loud, fast, and voluminous data requiring new architectures and patterns in edge computing, cleaning algorithms, storage, notification triggers, and integration solutions.  This is IoT & Sensor Data.

Adding the where dimension to your reporting, analytics, and monitoring adds immense value to operations, decisions, and planning. It permeates everywhere, yet is elusive in most organizations. It requires organization the community of supply capabilities driven by the community of use needs and questions sought.

Increasing Transparency and Access to valuable data goes beyond compliance. It involves making data re-usable, service-able, and business cases have shown can power economic and scientific advancement.

Former ‘data exhaust’ and metadata is now fueling new data flow constructs to maintain the fidelity. We help determine new patterns and solutions to feed this knowledge-first trend. 

Beyond Big Data, sensor data – remote or IoT, big and/or fast, requires edge and centralized new data flow patterns to trigger the real-time monitoring to support operation and decision making at the data-driven organization.