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Technology is ever-changing. Year after year, the world is faster, flatter, and bigger. Early sensors were once toys for scientists and spies alone; today amazing sensors are available to everyone everywhere. Information Systems that used to be solely for internal management have grown powerful and omnipresent. And with these changes, for better or for worse, an incredible amount of data is now available everywhere on the web. These data and technology disruptions are central to the science and programs of businesses.

In this new environment, businesses invest in transformation efforts, then wait for positive results. But the desired results don’t arrive. Costs creep up. Staff is stretched to the breaking point. Reality sets in; something has to give. So what’s a business to do? They need to adapt. They need an approach and support that uses proven flexible methods, rolls out in chunks, and increases adoption, as Big Bang initiatives have a 90% failure rate. That is where we come in..


  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Pipeline/ETL
  • Scanning, Cartographic and Publication Products
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Products


  • Data Flows POC
  • Alternative Application POC
  • Data Source Analysis
  • Knowledge Applications (AI, ML, DL, Analytics)

Our clients are usually working on development efforts that have never been done before, whether in their particular program or anywhere else.

 They are facing uncertainty and vague requirements, and this is where architecture runways and Agile methodologies fit perfectly. Our teams can move their data through and onto the web, and quickly achieve the multi-channel presence they need. Xentity brings real world experience in automating data interfaces between data services, catalogs, warehouses, and big data piles to many common civic applications, frameworks, and tech stacks.