Data Program Services


  • Chief Data Office
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Program Architecture
  • Outreach Services

 Production & Operations

  • Data Production
  • Data Operations
  • System Operations
  • CIO Compliance Processing

Data Solution Services 


  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Analysis
  • Transition Planning


  • Data Applications Development
  • Data Products Development
  • Data Platform Development
  • Rapid Proof of Concept


Our client needs vary from engagement to engagement – from efficiency support and solutions to transformational or innovative strategy and design services. Each of these clients seek out our support in one of our 4 data types.

  • Efficiency Client Needs– Operation Centers – Information Management Operations You seek to improve cost center operations. You want to improve process, acquisition, workforce costs, complexity of jobs, and lower the cost of doing cost center business. You want continuous quick wins, staff augmentation. You want us to perform a job and oversee hiring, deliverables as expected, and personnel management. You need DBAs, analysts (Data, Records, FOIA), developers. You want either two of three choices of: best price, faster contract, or minimum qualities. Scope usually will not change often but may modify.
  • Transformation Client Needs– Program Manager – Product Line Managers – Standards Executives. You are trying to get out of legacy systems and processes and modernize due to both cost pressures and streamlining to shift dollars into services. You want to move to service provision. You see moving beyond information silos, localized BI towards integrated data by changing funding and data needs model. You want to collaborate as partners on ideation. You want smart analysts with quick answers, but not decisions on what to do. So, you want our experience with best practices – borrow, adjust, adapt. You have more timed deliverables, but scope can change.
  • Innovation Client Needs  – Executives Sponsors – Long-Tenure Champions – You are early adopters of new concepts. You want to manage disruption and be industry leaders, move to the knowledge space, seek higher order need, move data investment strategies from transactional to planned collective use, motivate and incentivize culture to plan and maintain data such that it is usable beyond their boundaries, to be known for leading industry. You need the best of breed in innovation as well as knowledge of risks. You want a partner to assist in development of and migrate to a new model. You will spend more on higher quality, but require on-time and agile iterations.

Xentity’s geospatial and data-first consulting services are recognized globally. Xentity has been selected and awarded by more Federal Agencies than any current 8(a) Federal contractor.  We are a leader among small businesses in assisting agencies on geospatial strategy, design, architecture, and planning task orders, including the full lifecycle of conceptual operations, architecture, needs assessment, project planning, requirements, definition, design, and data/application migration

This deep experience in supporting geospatial professional services crosses boundaries between National and State Geospatial Programs, International Standards bodies, Federal and State Agencies, Cities, Counties, and many more GIS private sector programs. This allows us to bring world-class support experience in geospatial data acquisitions, production, product generation, application, and delivery services to our clients.