A graduate of Rutgers College, majoring in Geography and minoring in Automated Cartography and Geology, Jim Barrett is a highly motivated and knowledgeable Geospatial Analyst, Enterprise Architect and System Engineer for Xentity with twenty-five years of geospatial experience that includes architecture planning, method development, workshop facilitation, technology evaluation, enterprise modeling, geospatial specific strategy, product engineering, and more.

Jim specializes in using geospatial data to solve problems relating to  natural resource management, and earth science. He has a strong interest in solving land management, natural resource, and environmental challenges. Throughout his career, Mr. Barrett has served customers in various positions, such as Sr. Executives, Program Executives, Product Leads, Operational Managers, and Technical Leads and is certified in Enterprise Architecture (FEAC) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

As a part of Xentity’s team, Jim is responsible for creating and executing  business plans for our geospatial and architecture consulting services. Jim excels in his role developing business strategies for geospatial planning and design practices to support large scale GIS, mapping, or location-based service transformations.

Jim is currently acting as team lead for our project in architectural design services for the USGS Land and Remote Sensing program’s assessment of federal earth observation portfolio, with a key focus on the value of environmental and natural resource products and services.  

Highlights, Awards and Publications

  • Lead Enterprise Architect for Department of the Interior’s award winning architecture program 2002-2006
  • Award-winning Cartographic Analyst and Database Manager at Defense Mapping Agency 1984-1990 (now NGA)
  • Technical analyst to Defense Mapping Agency Mark 85 and 90 modernization programs.
  • Lead System Engineer on a $200 million dollar Geospatial system development program at BLM – 1993 -1996
  • Program Manager and Software Engineer for ACINT systems for Naval Intelligence – 1990 – 1992
  • Association of Enterprise Architecture cites MBT and DOI EA program – 2004
  • Methodology for Business Transformation (MBT) 2006
  • DOI Geospatial Service Blueprint – 2007
  • DOI Wildland Fire Blueprint – 2006
  • DOI Recreation Blueprint – 2005
  • DOI Financial Blueprint – 2006
  • NGP Program and Product Planning Blueprint – 2009
  • NGP Acquisition and Production Blueprint – 2010
  • Data Interoperability Conference Presentation – 2010
  • Data.gov architecture and geospatial requirements – 2011
  • EPA Geoplatform Architecture Services – 2014
  • USGS Remote Sensing NEO Architecture and Requirements – 2014
  • Outstanding Performance Award DMA 1990
  • Sustained Superior Performance Award DMA 1989
  • Outstanding Performance Award BLM ,1993,1994,1995
  • Top Enterprise Architecture Program in Federal Government 2004-2007
  • E-Government Award 2006, 2007 for Outstanding Architecture Program