Xentity is the only IT consulting firm that puts the data program first.

We do this by providing organizations with consulting and support services that put the desire of knowledge-driven decisions and management first. Xentity focuses our solutions and approaches on Open Data, Geospatial Data, Big Data, and IoT/Remote Sensing large data programs who want to either become more efficient, transform business, and integrate innovation in an era of large technology-first, cost center investment approaches. Since 2001, Xentity has provided over 100 engagements and over 45 data programs in the last 3 years alone across Federal, State, Local, Education, and Commercial Clients.

Data Program Services


  • Chief Data Office
  • Conceptual Modeling
  • Program Architecture
  • Outreach Services

 Production & Operations

  • Data Production
  • Data Operations
  • System Operations
  • CIO Compliance Processing

Data Solution Services 


  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Analysis
  • Transition Planning


  • Data Applications Development
  • Data Products Development
  • Data Platform Development
  • Rapid Proof of Concept

Xentity adopts various principles to discovering, designing, and operating data solutions.

  • Focus on enabling stakeholders and programs

  • Bring a clear data life-cycle in place to guide the mission

  • Examine Supply Side including planning, data acquisition, production, product generation

  • Innovate delivery, use and analysis

  • Collaborate with IT and Management in more efficient data resource management and technical administration

Xentity’s geospatial and data-first consulting services are recognized globally. Xentity has been selected and awarded by more Federal Agencies than any current 8(a) Federal contractor.  We are a leader among small businesses in assisting agencies on geospatial strategy, design, architecture, and planning task orders, including the full lifecycle of conceptual operations, architecture, needs assessment, project planning, requirements, definition, design, and data/application migration

This deep experience in supporting geospatial professional services crosses boundaries between National and State Geospatial Programs, International Standards bodies, Federal and State Agencies, Cities, Counties, and many more GIS private sector programs. This allows us to bring world-class support experience in geospatial data acquisitions, production, product generation, application, and delivery services to our clients.