Data Production

  • Data ETL and GIS Data Processing
  • Data Wrangling and Migration Services
  • Metadata and Data Classification
  • Data Product Generation
  • Data, Content, and Spatial Analysis
  • Product R&D and Demos

Xentity specializes in solutions in data lifecycle management

…especially those from emergent business model concepts enabled by disruptive technologies like cloud, crowd, mobile, social networks, big data

A lot of data is ugly. There’s a reason it’s called “data wrangling“.  As veterans in the battle with ugly data the Xentity team has seen and lived through the real-world challenges of making data useful and informative, even beautiful. The Xentity team understands the challenges of data management. We have internationally recognized expertise in geospatial data architectures, designs and standards. We have the capability to provide ongoing and burst ETL development support as the efforts increase and decrease.  Xentity can also advise on sustainability concepts that work to fix the data at the source.

Most data has a geospatial dimension.  And to be most useful, data needs rich geospatial attributes which may come in a wide variety of geospatial data resolutions, sources, accuracies, and qualities. Geospatial data is ranges from polygons, points, vectors, rasterized data, positional, real-time, static, point-clouds and more.  Xentity has extensive experience with the full range and complexity of geospatial data and harnessing that data for the benefits in areas of social networking, commerce, science and research, analysis, modeling, visualization, and business intelligence.

Metadata and Data Classification

Publishing your data is half-the-battle, Publishing useful and purposeful data is the key

  • Semi-Structured, Structured, and poly-structured
  • Libraries, Photograph, Maps, Videos, and Web Content
  • Relational, Tabular, and Geospatial
  • Hierarchical, linear and planar
  • Data Clustering
  • Scientific Collection Analysis
  • Automated Collection Scanning
  • Algorithm Development
  • Semantic and Linked data Tagging
  • Standards integration
  • Schema Crosswalk
  • Metatagging

ETL and Data Wrangling Services

A lot of data is ugly. There’s a reason it’s called “data wrangling“.

  • Reference Data Lookups
  • Business Rules
  • Data Integrity and Validation
  • Data Staging
  • Data Cleanup Scripts
  • Conflation, Generalization, Pyramid
  • Audit Reports
  • Data Archiving
  • ETL Performance tuning
  • MapReduce
  • Index Development
  • Data Cleansing
  • Spatial ETL

Data Product Generation

Defining data as valuable products and services to help your customers make useful insights

  • Database Model Development
  • Standards Implementation
  • Data Derivative Product Generation
  • Value-add Product Generation
  • Interactive Applications
  • Visualization Products
  • Scientific Data Products and Services
  • Geospatial Data Products and Services
  • Product Generation Automation
  • Data Packages
  • Data Services
  • Historical Records Scanning
  • Historical Data Product Scanning

Metadata Information Management Administration

Experienced, Compliant, and Trained experts specializing in multiple information management domains

  • Metadata Repository Administration
  • Opendata catalog tools, scripts and applications
  • Data Integrity Validation
  • User Gamification Integration
  • Data Quality Automation Service Checkers
  • Integrating metadata repositories
  • Integrate information management workflows
  • Portfolio and Program Reporting
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Analysis
  • Litigation Support Reponse
  • FOIA Support Response
  • Compliance Workflow integration
  • ERP & Metadata integration

Xentity can speak Data Geek which helps consumers understand the data, how they can develop applications against the data, and incent data suppliers to improve metadata thus data value metadata, and ultimately the data asset value that your program is trying to create. Our teams can advise in metadata to benefit search engine optimization, harvesting in other sources, and integrating platforms into other harvesting sites for easy discovery and access.

For business speak, to help bring value earlier in the process as an example of sustainability focus, Xentity brings expertise in data return on investment advisory on: developing Data Commerce and Use Growth strategies such as Contract Strategies or Liaison models for partnering and co-investing in data acquisition/improvement to increase data value; assisting data suppliers in evaluating quality and increasing data value;  and strategic data acquisition funding planning approaches to increase data acquisition ROI.

Whatever the size, we can customize an engagement to meet your data challenge

Whether strategic or tactical, short or long-term, project or program, we can customize our engagements to suit your needs

  • 1 to 2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
  • 3 to 6 months – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
  • 6 to 12 month – Execute Projects from definition,  design, development, transition and rollout
  • Ongoing – Support ongoing advisory, analysis, re-engineering, improvement, development, or operations