We love data. We believe the I in IT has been second fiddle for too long.


Innovative Client

Executives Sponsors – Long-Tenure Champions
  1. Strategy Assessment & Modeling
  2. Concept of Operations Development
  3. Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management Transformation
  4. Segment & Enterprise Architecture
  5. Branding and Outreach Strategy
  6. Training & High-end Audio/Video Media Production

Transformation Client

Program & Product Line Managers –Executives
  1. Data Integration Platform Architecture
  2. Geospatial Delivery Solution Patterns
  3. Data Applications Rationalization
  4. Metadata Inventory Solutions
  5. Discovery Architectures & Prototypes

Efficiency Client

Operation Centers & Information/Data Operations
  1. Aggregation Solutions
  2. Data Applications
  3. Dirty Data Migrations
  4. Open Data Administration
  5. Big Data Rapid Prototypes


Client Types

  • Large Data Programs
  • Government Earth Agencies
  • Prime System Integrators
  • Startup or New Programs
  • CIO Executives (CIO, CDO, GIO)

Data Types

  • Geospatial / GIS
  • Big Data
  • Open Data
  • Remote Sensing/IoT


  • Science
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Emergency/Hazards
  • Natural Resource Management
  • CIO Services


We look down the chain of processes from beginning to end to assure data outcomes encompass everything needed.

  • Data management maturity
  • Data integration, discovery, and accessibility
  • Streamline processes and data through consolidating systems and technology
  • Wrangling and ETL data to make it more useable, more consumable
  • Reduce access, discovery, and process burden on the customer, users, citizen
  • Get Information Management activities back on track
  • Develop solutions collaboratively to encourage partnerships
  • Develop service integration to facilitate knowledge transfer and reuse
  • Lower cost of acquisition of data, systems, and technology
  • Increase project delivery efficiency with Agile methods
  • Engage your community in your change efforts
  • Create enterprise information for integrated change management
  • & A heck of a lot more…


…is in enterprise and mission data programs solving customer, partner, and citizen-centric solutions. The goal has been, and still is to help organizations transform for the next generation. Our provision of sustainable transformation for the Next Generation has brought recognition by certified and leading authorities as a leader in this space serving Commercial and Government Organizations.

Missions – Data and Information Management for Science, Geospatial and Geography Services, Natural Resource Planning, Policy, and Protection, Energy Lifecycle, Emergency/Hazards, Transportation/Travel, Health, Enterprise CIO Services

Here is a short example:

Say you are considering the move of petabytes of data to the cloud. The cost models of your current data center show its cheaper to stay as you are as you already have sunk cost in your data center, and the monthly cost is too hard to absorb right now. OK, from an IT point of view, the analysis is done.

From our mission-focused point of view, we haven’t started. Why petabytes? Does the product need to be that big? What is needed by the community of use? Do we need to deliver it the same way we have over the past decade plus?

We had this exact challenge with a customer.

A client of ours was able to deliver the needed product Faster and Cheaper by Asking these questions. 80% less storage, dozens of servers retired, and immeasurably faster for user since now instantaneous access.

How?  Before moving to the cloud by asking these questions, our process resulted in looking at a simple, new model that created the product at design-time instead of run-time, cutting down the dynamic servers, temporary storage. As well, on the business side, turns out lossless compression technology advanced and R&D proved a 5:1 compression – or 80% storage could be delivered and not lose a “bit” of end-quality. Now products are available instantly instead of 3-5 day wait times and faster since the download is smaller. That is one example of focusing on the I in IT.

Mind you, making larger data centers is cool to the folks running the data center, but it’s not to the customer or citizen footing the bill. Let’s take a step back and not focus on paving cowpaths and other anti-patterns as we advance in technology-based information solutions. It’s changing too fast not to take a tiny slow down and design for information purposes as well.

And we are passionate about helping programs transform to improve their data


Aggregate, Assess, Discover, Integrate, Engage, Develop

Aggregation Solutions

  • Catalogs, SEO, Semantic, Broker, Linking, Aggregation Engine, ETL, Harvesting

How can we accelerate the induction of supply chain management concepts proven for decades in capital investment and industrial engineering into data science and data management?

Data Quality & Use Assessment Solutions

Implement Implied Use, Expert, and Crowd Assessment; Data Analysis, Scaling Analysis, Capacity Planning

  • This is our secret sauce which is where we all need to go. Overcoming the garbage-in/garbage-out deluse of the current data state. Building in light and intuitive assessment concepts into the workflow cycle – with proper incentivization, timing, and balance of expert and large pool of resources – while on tight budgets.
  • To unleash the secret, use our favorite metaphor (even if your data is more complicated, just try it). How do you learn about a movie on the web? Aside from SEO and discovery solutions, its the assessment that draws you forward – not just the movie metadata.

Discovery Solutions

Data Discovery – Accessibility, Visualization, Search  and Discovery

  • Improve discovery metadata, develop semantic web models, improve interpretative signals, introduce machine learning, Search Signals, increase SEO, catalog development

Integration Platforms

Data Integration Platform – Data Platforms, Geospatial Platforms, Cloud IaaS Migrations, Web Services, Delivery Services. Designed and Supporting implementation for a broad series of Integration and Interoperable data platform services:

  • Target Data Platform Migrations
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Migrations & Tuning,
  • Process Management (Workflow, Curation, Chaining)
  • Access (Transformations, Formats, Encoding)
  • Orchestration (Link, Mediate, Broker, Publish, Syndicate)
  • Integration (Warehouse, Real-Time, Big)
  • Analysis (Visualization, Estimation, Sensitivity, Modeling, Simulation)
  • Tools (Notebooks, Repositories, Containers)

Community Engagement

Data Community Engagement – Gamification, Incentivization, CrowdSourcing, Governance

  • How to take engagement models such as crowdsourcing, incentivization, gamification to next maturity of game theory to not only enhance data, but increase the quality output of data and reducing the energy?

Data Applications

Data Applications – GIS, Business Intelligence, Real-Time Integration, Voice Integration, Data-Driven Workflow, Warehouse, ETL, Map/Reduce, HTML5/CSS3 applications, mobile apps, data analytics, visualization, business intelligence, web services

  • We support the Data Application Development process either working with integrators and technology operations in multiple ways to help move the design into development including prototypes, demonstration, test responsive designs, validate user-centered designs, vendor product evaluation & reseller specialization, migrating legacy system modules to components, data visualization prototypes


As strategic and design data consultants and analysts, we are agnostic to the technologies needed – and… every client has different preferences (heavily invested in COTS? environment built on Free and Open Source? Mix of Legacy and Agile Tech.)

GeoSpatial Data

We have supported dozens of Geospatial programs – State, Federal Commercial – examining data acquisition, improving production, launching service delivery, creating complex data visualizations, conducting geospatial analytics, integrating geospatial and warehouse/streams

Geospatial – Analysis, GeoData Products, Web Services, Web Apps, ESRI, Boundless / Open Layers (QGIS), CartoDB, OGC, KML, Open GIS, QGIS, GeoJSON, SAFE FME, Exelis

Open Data

We work you and your business to bring in many viable sources such as,,,, #GoCodeCo, more! We have supported leading edge crowdsourcing, gamification, and data challenge programs.

Big Data

Big, Fast Tools for the addressing the Volume, Velocity, Value, Veracity, and Variety variables of Big Data. We examined new search signals in BigData environments for billions matrixed with billions of records and created architectures for massive integrations and real-time transformations.

Big Data – NoSQL, Hadoop, PEGA, Mongo, AWS, NodeJS, ElasticSearch, Luciad, BrainSpace, Lakes, Warehouses, 4V’s, Warehouse, Ponds, Puddles, Marts, real-time filtering/processing

ALL Data

Cross-cutting technologies across all/most data efforts

All Data –  SEO, Data-Driven Workflow, Open refine, CSV, Excel, Informatica, NodeJS, SAFE FME, Data wrangling, RDBMS, unstructured, virtual ETL, SAP BO, HTML5/CSS/Javascript, Business Intelligence, Mobile, MVC JS


Established and continuously improving methods developed over last 10 years adopted at the highest level of use

Methods – 

  • Segment Architecture – MBT (Methodology for Business Transformation), FSAM, Agile Architecture Runways
  • Enterprise Architecture – (FEA, TOGAF, DoDAF).
  • Solution Architecture Patterns (MVC, ETL, Warehouse, MDM, RESTful, SOA, EAI)
  • Lifecycle (Agile, PMP, ITIL v3, Data Lifecycle)
  • Agile Applications: Design, Applications, Governance, Risk, Triage
  • PM Tools (Trello, Asana)