Jim Barrett Team Profile

Jim Barrett is a highly motivated and knowledgeable Geospatial Analyst, Enterprise Architect and System Engineer for Xentity with twenty-five years of geospatial experience. This includes architecture planning, method development, workshop facilitation, technology evaluation, enterprise modeling, geospatial specific strategy, product engineering, and more.

Jim specializes in using geospatial data to solve problems relating to natural resource management, and earth science at Agencies such as DOI, USDA, and EPA. As a part of Xentity’s team, Jim is responsible for creating and executing business plans for our geospatial and architecture consulting services. Jim excels in his role developing business strategies for geospatial planning and design practices to support large scale GIS, mapping, or location-based service transformations.

From leading architectural services in National Land and Remote Sensing program’s, to setting vision for national mapping and agency-wide shifts towards geospatial services, to currently supporting the largest modernization of land management record system lifecycle re-design in nation’s history, Jim truly impacts our national (and in many other accomplishments, international) data supply, use, and delivery landscape.

Throughout his career, he served customers in various positions, such as Sr. Executives, Program Executives, Product Leads, Operational Managers, and Technical Leads and is certified in Enterprise Architecture (FEAC) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Jim is a graduate of Rutgers College, majoring in Geography and minoring in Automated Cartography and Geology.