Over two decades into founding Xentity, Matt continues to enjoy amazing digital transformations in national geospatial data, RPA cloud serverless data pipelines, AI incorporation, massive data aggregation, rapid applications and integrations, and new frontiers in knowledge solutions for language, geospatial, open, big, and IoT integrations with analytics and AI. 

The reward of seeing clients move towards data-driven decisions, workflow, and efficient data integrations has helped drive the shape and vision of the company. Matt has been a part of over 200+ engagements and you can see his hand in a majority of Xentity Projects in National, State, and Commercial Enterprises across Land, Transportation, and massive data platforms modernization and transformation.

Now with over 100+ staff delivering on projects/programs around the country, in the Chief Architect role, Matt focuses on “dogfooding” our own methods and investing in our staff – directing, advising, crafting, architecting, mentoring, and instilling confidence as a trusted advisor for teams to continue to deliver to the vision. Prior to Xentity, Matt was a Consultant/Architect at Sapient delivering world-changing solutions for the commercial sector in travel, energy, and financial solutions. Matt holds a B.S. in Computer Science with distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.