Project Management and Software Deployment

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) sought to purchase new licenses for three environments. Xentity analyzed the requirements, and provided a solution that instead will only require 1 set of renewal licenses. Consequently, they lowered the license costs in total by about 1/6th. In addition, service and Licensing tracking will be provided via a self-service portal through our Atlassian Partner Services Portal capability to track credit usage and remaining to support planning purposes. The OPM would award a contract to Xentity to provide Atlassian Project Management, Build, and Release software deployment products and installation support to the OPM IT Program Management Office to support over 2000 users.

Plan to Purchase Licenses in Support of Software Deployment

In business, purchasing licenses for environments can become a very costly venture. The OPM needed to purchase three environments, making it extremely costly. Specifically, they sought to acquire renewal licensing expired on January 29 for existing Atlassian Products from 2015. These products were previously continuously provided by Xentity through Atlassian Partnership. They also sought to upgrade multiple licenses from Server to Data Center (aka cluster aka High availability (HA) licensing) to support a robust production environment.

Xentity’s response supported the deployment of Wiki Software, Agile Project Management Software, Build Software, Source Repository, and Release Management Software. Xentity also supported license installation, and server installation by certified Atlassian experts. Specifically, as mentioned before, Xentity’s solution required only 1 set of renewal licenses which lowered the cost by a 1/5th.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Xentity’s consulting allowed the OPM to deploy its Atlassian products in an efficient and far less costly manner than it would have been without. This allowed OPM to deploy new software with its licenses with a fraction of the budget it would’ve used to purchase said licenses. At Xentity, we know our data, we know our tech, and we know our products and programs. So we are always happy to offer our wisdom through consulting to organizations who require it.


Starting in 2019, Xentity has continued to provide guidance to OPM for renewal planning. Xentity supported license installation, server installation by certified Atlassian experts.