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Avenza Systems Inc. is a private Canadian company that develops, markets and supports computer and mobile software products and royalty-free map data for the mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) industries. They create software that focuses on design, publication, use and the creative aspects of mapping and spatial imaging. From 2017 to 2022, Xentity is serving as the reseller for the Avenza software. One particularly notable example of such is a contract with the United States Forest Service (USFS).

Support for the USFS

The USFS required support for its map products, web based applications, and analysis projects. To complete this requirement, they needed to partner with an organization that could resell products that focus on the design and publication of mapping and spatial images, and computer and mobile software products, such as Avenza. Xentity is a partner provider of Avenza products and custom services and as such can provide the required software.

Xentity has provided Avenza Enterprise Product access in partnership with Avenza to the US Forest Services. This access to Avenza store and App supports the existing map uploads, GPS tracking, annotations to support regions and large wildland fires for use in the field by firefighters and ICS in either mitigation or live fires. Furthermore, managers can publish various maps to teams, groups, and the public to download. Also, users can sync annotations from the field for shared use.

Xentity has also supported gathering requirements, priorities, and brokering communications with USFS and Avenza. This helps align USFS needs with Avenza Roadmaps. They have even kicked off a side project with local firefighters for direct ethnographic and interviews on use of Avenza in Wildland Fire incidents performing functions such as Structure Triage annotations and photos to Wildland Fire Module annotations of division suppression and hazards updates.

What Can Be Done With Access to Avenza

Through the provision of Avenza Enterprise Product access, the USFS is now able to conduct all aforementioned activities to support development and implementation of its various map products, web-based applications and analysis projects. The environment around us is becoming more dependent on data and technology. Therefore, access to first-rate software and support for that software helps organizations better conduct themselves in their various missions. The USFS being one such case. And as a data-consulting firm, Xentity is always happy to be the one who can help in such a manner.


Through the year 2022, Xentity will continue to serve as the reseller for the Avenza software. These efforts will continue to aid Avenza Systems Inc in the development, marketing and support of computer and mobile software products and royalty-free map data. All of which continues to go towards mapping and GIS industries.