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System That Tracks Oil and Gas Information

BLM’s Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS) is used to track oil and gas information on public and Indian land. It contains data concerning lease and agreement ownership, well identification, location and history, including casing information, geologic formations, resource protection, production, and operator compliance. The system has an electronic commerce module to interface with the oil and gas industry. Xentity provided support of the BLM AFMSS 2.0 to the Prime Contractor for BLM AFMSS II. This geo and energy consulting contract provided our transformative services in the form of data solution design.

Business Analysis and System Architecture Services

The 2.0 version in particular had an emphasis on Application for Permit to Drill (APD) reports and overall permit processing. For a successful release to occur, an expertise on data consulting to help transform from one version to another was required. Hence the need for a design solution that can help BLM through its development and implementation process.

Xentity provided Business Analysis and System Architecture services in support of the BLM AFMSS 2.0. This included technical coordination provided by NexGen’s Technical POC. Xentity also worked with the NexGen’s Technical POC and other designated project personnel to establish deliverables and project timelines as the project progressed. To do so, Xentity:

  • Conducted analysis for data analysis, regulations study and review, and process analysis.
  • Conducted GIS impact analysis and validation and layered spatial data and services layered into a process model.
  • Developed Operational Concept Views, Requirements and Architecture Transition Roadmaps, Conceptual Data Models, Process value chain, Data Screen Mappings to Process, Data Readiness Analysis, System Interface Diagrams Analysis, High-Level swim lane Process Models.
  • Coordinated across prime activities in data architecture and process re-engineering workshops.
  • Reviewed, validated, and provided feedback on AFMSS II releases. Also in system documentation review, development, system diagram changes, user documentation, review requirements docs, user manuals, and conceptual diagrams.
  • Supported AFMSS requirements workshops.

A More Efficient System

Our efforts helped in the development of AFMSS 2.0’s roadmap, particularly in the spatial field. The feedback we provided on AFMSS 2.0 releases helped advise in future releases. Furthermore, the workshops helped people in the AFMSS program better understand the program. This is notable, because AFMSS 2.0 helps the BLM reduce permit processing times, while also increasing the efficiency and transparency of APD review and approval process. Our hope is a more efficient government program.