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The Division of Resources, Lands and Minerals for the OR/WA Bureau of Land Management State Office required a GIS Specialist. The specialist was needed to provide continuity for geospatial data migration using Extract Translate Load (ETL) tools. These tools included Safe Software Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from National Operation Center (NOC) Geospatial Business Platform (GBP) to data schemas. 

Problem and Solution

The GIS Specialist was required by BLM to support easier use, maintenance, and integration with other data by the Office, users’ and local organizations. Throughout this project, the following tasks were performed:

  • Geoprocessing – automation of geospatial python scripts and queries, develop and test reports to inform programs. Also, provide technical support, and apply subject matter expertise for specific complex spatial analysis and geoprocessing.
  • Data Migration and Management – support stakeholders in data distribution and publication for data management processes. Also, support in developing new and improved approaches. Furthermore, the role included defining and designing in data, process and solution modeling aligned to. Also, in maintaining standards including supporting data integration between the national GBP with OR/WA specifics.
  • Data Quality Control – document, improve, and employ processes, scripts, and standards. This ensures data integrity and quality are maintained and enforced based on requirements. Furthermore, the role analyzed, evaluated, and reported findings and recommendations to guide improvements to quality controls plans.

Outcome and Benefits

Through the efforts of the provided GIS specialist, the BLM was given the continuity they required for the migration of their geospatial data migration. This helped simplify maintenance and integration with other pieces of data in use by the BLM Office, along with their users and other local organizations.