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Developed Video Series Benefits Education Outreach for Rural Alaskan Veterans

The Organization: Department of Veteran Affairs

 The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government-run military veteran benefit system with Cabinet-level status. This includes providing VA Services to all states and territories.

The Problem and Solution: Increase awareness for Alaskan Veterans of their earned benefits and services

VA services for Alaskan Veterans poses unique variances in providing services. Alaskans have the highest per capita, outside of territories, or Veterans to population. Also, given the vast nature of the state’s geography, many Veterans do not take advantage or know what can be used for the VA Services. The VA wanted to created an engaging, education outreach about the health care, services, and burial benefits recognition that VA provides. Xentity and Phase One Consulting Group teamed to provide an incredible end-to-end video production solution.

Xentity worked with VA to convert the script to screenplay, design the video series, conduct all pre-production planning and coordination. Also, our Film Crew filmed on-site in high-quality HD in multiple Alaskan cities and included far-off outposts accessible by water planes only. Furthermore, we rapidly completed the post-production, coordinate multiple iterations, and generated the required online and DVD final production.

The Outcomes: Produced, on-budget, on-schedule, and on impact

The video series introduces Veterans to the three administrations of the VA — Health Care Administration, Benefits Administration, and Cemetery Administration. Also, the video, produced in Alaska, may have relevance to Veterans throughout the United States who are eligible for benefits from the VA. Veterans are encouraged to make contact with the nearest VA.

The VA received the video series incredibly well. It was on budget and mostly on schedule. The only scheduling delay was due to the production occurring during the Federal Government Shutdown of 2013. DVDs continue to be the primary distribution. Furthermore, NPR has featured the VA’s efforts for Alaska as well. This solution has truly helped impact the veterans in so many positive ways. Typically our solutions are about data, but using our excellent video services for positive change meets our primary mission – Transformation for the Next Generation. This was a perfect example.