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Base Mapping Support

The Geospatial Technology and Application Center (GTAC) of the Forest Service sought support for testing and documentation of new workflows, methodologies and documentation, supporting the Data Development and Cartography (DDC) program. The DDC program is modernizing the process used to support the two map series maintained for the agency. Xentity was chosen to support the program’s effort based on our cartographic expertise and history supporting the agency’s primary and secondary map series.

Problem and Solution

The DDC program is undergoing a transformation to streamline and standardize the method, data, and production process. The program will use it for the production of the primary (FSTopo) and secondary base map series for the agency. This project also involved testing and documentation of the workflows and processes. These workflows and processes aggregate authoritative data from internal and external agency sources to a new platform used for production. Furthermore, this task supports the program’s goal to improve practices and approaches for enterprise data consolidation. Also, platform improvements, analysis, streamlined workflows to integrate enterprise geospatial data. Consequently, through these modernized efforts cartographic staff will focus on updating and maintaining authoritative data for the Forest Service and avoid altering data external to the agency. 

Xentity’s selection for support of the Base Mapping program is due to our involvement in the architecture and design of the modernized platform for the program. Our staff has experience in supporting cartographic programs for over 30 years. As such, we understood the workflows and processes used to update and produce the primary and secondary map products. We were ready to provide the testing, documentation, and feedback of the workflows needed to produce these cartographic products. Our familiarity with the programs GIS and cartographic standards allowed us to provide additional insight. Also, we provided context and consistency to these efforts.

Supported Modernization

Xentity was able to support the Forest Service to streamline and modernize the agency’s map series based on our experience working with the Primary and Secondary base mapping programs.

Upcoming Update in 2023

Starting in 2023, Xentity will continue to provide GIS Support for base mapping for the US Forest Service.