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GTAC’s Mission

The Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC) at the U.S. Forest Service provides support to a wide variety of land and resource management needs across the Agency. GTAC is a leader in the use of emerging geospatial technologies. These technologies provide solutions using data and technology to inform Agency decisions.

Providing App Coordination and Configuration

GTAC supports the agency’s mission through the development and application of  geospatial solutions to address tools and data which support land and resource management issues. As part of this effort Xentity, and team member Critigen, have assisted GTAC and the Forest Service to meet new challenges based on workflows using web-mapping applications. A major effort for the agency involves the identification of data, configuration of workflows, and development of technology solutions to meet requirements for various program areas. Furthermore, the solutions developed through the support of this task order involve working closely with various programs in the Forest Service. This includes the Office of Sustainability and Climate, National Partnership Office, and Ecosystem Management Coordination (EMC) Program.

Also, work performed as part of this task order supports the development of solutions. Furthermore, the work used web based interactive products for the program areas. These solutions also help identify land management opportunities for public and private partnerships to guide investments to restore landscapes. Efforts also include leveraging the agency’s geospatial data and technology to streamline environmental analysis and decision making. Furthermore, this was done using common data and standardized automated and semi-automated workflows.  

Continuing to Apply Up-To-Date Science and Technology

Through Xentity team member Critigen efforts, GTAC continues to develop and apply geospatial data and solutions. The goal being to address important agency land and resource management issues.

2022 Update

Throughout 2022, Xentity continued to provide Geo App Configuration for GTAC and the US Forest service.