Pacific Spatial Solutions

Indoor Mapping App For Conference Centers

Pacific Spatial Solutions (PSS) required an indoor mapping app to map conference centers. Xentity designed a cross platform mobile app for indoor mapping for conference centers. The app would also support different building layouts with updated routing for each event.

Help in Designing and Developing App


There are several apps that are specifically designed to map only certain areas, even during certain periods of time. Conventions with events, theme parks with ride times, etc. PSS required something similar for conference centers and needed help in the design and development of the application. The project required three tasks. 1) The app must support all the main features for building a cross platform app that can be accessed on the iOS and Android app store.  It will support the following objectives:

  • Event based layout for the conference center
  • Search engine for event POI’s
  • Way Finding / Routing
  • Multi Floor support
  • Geofences Events
  • POI Bookmarking
  • Japanese Support

2) Internal Testing & Documentation – Deploying the app will be documented so that it can be fairly repeatable with variations of product if needed. Also, our development offices will test multiple floors to validate a working product. Hidden debug mode will be created within the app to turn on and off test buildings. And 3) Beta Testing & Release – All final experiences with the customer will be set up and tested.


Xentity had three major activities in response to these tasks. We designed wire diagrams of all screens and UI Actions. Then we determined what types of events (Situm) can exist and how PSS displays and uses the events. Afterwards we defined any JSON structures that need to exist to support the Situm data; also, the OSM Basemap look and feel for the surrounding area; and the basemap engine (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, etc.)

Next, we developed the graphical theme and assets. We also developed a Sencha Moden mobile app that meets all the objects defined in the task based on the approved wire diagrams. Furthermore, we provided situm integration for all features including (Buildings/Event floorplans, floors, indoor pois, outdoor pois, paths). Finally, we bookmarked POI’s, showing markers on the map.

Finally, we provided testing and documentation. We created an instruction guide on how to compile and deploy the app on both iOS and Android.

A Workable, Usable App

Our efforts provided three major deliverables. We published the Mobile App to use for all events at the conference center. The full source code was provided to help maintain the app. We even provided documentation of the deployment process for the sake of record keeping and the ability to “look back” if something needs to be changed. This mapping app joins many other apps Xentity has worked on over the years.