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In Need of Data Management

The NPS Resource Information Services Division (RISD) in Lakewood, Colorado is responsible for providing NPS-wide geospatial and alphanumeric data services and support, including application development activities that support enterprise data management applications for a variety of NPS programs. Xentity was contracted to provide for Senior Data Management Specialist services for RISD Systems. In doing so, we provided Data Governance, Data Analysis, Data Management, and Data Center Migration.

So Many Data Projects…

The National Information Services Center (NISC) and RISD of the NPS has a number of data standard, data warehouse, and application development projects that require expert-level data management services in support of park, regional, and program-based customers within NPS. These RISD systems require Senior Data Management Specialist services which include two tasks to provide, via contract professional non-personal services, expert-level data management support for park, regional, and program-based customers within NPS. 

Xentity is providing business analysis, process modeling, and development of high-level data models as prep work. These analysis and models provided the RISD and NISC data governance and analysis for their projects. Xentity also provided data structure development, implementation and documentation. They will also use an Agile/Hybrid PM approach to manage multiple data standards, data warehouse, and application development in parallel and Provide direction to programmers and analysts as required to affect changes to database management systems. In doing so, Xentity will provide metadata and migrated data to their “to-be” data structures.

Currently Ongoing, But Here’s What We’re Expecting

Through Xentity’s data management services, the RISD and NISC’s various projects will well integrated into new data structures. This will provide more efficient access in support of the aforementioned park, regional, and program-based customers within the NPS. This coincides with Xentity’s mission to improve organizations with better use of information, rather than defaulting to technology.


Starting in 2021, Xentity is continuing to provide Senior Level Software Application Development Services for NISC Systems. We worked to furnish the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, and software to perform senior level software application development services including both the frontend and backend development services required to meet or exceed NPS program objectives and to augment existing NISC resources and skills.