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The FS required assistance with evaluating and documenting business workflows and business requirements needed to manage all constructed assets. Assets included roads, trails, bridges (road and trail), buildings, water and wastewater systems, recreation sites, administrative sites, and dams. Real property management, access travel management, culverts, communication systems, project management, deferred maintenance, and water sampling also needed to be considered.

Problem and Solution

As mentioned before, the biggest priority was evaluating and documenting business workflows and business requirements. This means, the FS required the production of a report to document findings and priority recommendations. To start, Xentity leveraged USFS handbooks and manuals for requirements. Also, to identify improvements to current workflows, and optionally their respective economic benefits. Afterwards, Xentity collected information and data to document and compare business requirements (What and Why) for each asset to help inform build vs buy IT analysis that will be done by CIO. After prioritizing business requirements based on greatest good for all assets, they produced the report of document findings and priority recommendations. 

Outcome and Benefit

Efficiency is always a must for any organization. With the evaluation and documentation of business workflows and business requirements, the FS can more efficiently manage all constructed assets. In reviewing the aforementioned assets in the “Summary” section, understanding how to properly manage each crucial asset is important. You just need to take a moment to consider how important each asset is as a whole.