Transforming Into a CartoDB Engine

Once known as iMapData Inc, PlanetRisk is a pioneer in the field of data visualization and data analysis – specifically in risk asset management. They are a global company that provides advanced technology solutions that merge big data, visionary analytics and subject matter expertise in areas such as fluid and shipping assets and advisory decision and operations guidance support. This may include solutions to guide routing, telematics, port and waterway risk analysis for routes, portage, steerage, cargo dynamics and fluid assets. Also, they help organizations mitigate economic risk, protect corporate assets, maintain situational awareness and safeguard employees. From 2015-2016, Xentity provided data production services for PlanetRisk, using experience in Geospatial/GIS data, communications, CARTO, Cloud, postgis, .NET, and JavaScript with the goal to aid PlanetRisk in an innovative transformation.

Platform, Script and Technology Development For Re-Architecting

One of the core products of PlanetRisk is their next generation global Asset Intelligence Management System (AIMS), which includes situational awareness components of client location-based assets. This product needed to be re-architected into their enterprise portfolio. Enterprise Portfolio Management increases the alignment of projects, programs, and portfolios with corporate strategy. 

Xentity’s staff work developed various platforms, scripts and technologies to help re-architect PlanetRisk’s AIMS into their enterprise portfolio. Technologies that supported the process included CARTO , ExtJS MVC JavaScript framework, NodeJS, Linux, HTML5, CSS3, and cloud based architecture. Tasks included production environment capacity planning and development of a new open source geospatial platform integration (Track, Monitor, Visualize/Map and Manage), along with new user interfaces and workflows. Staff also re-engineered user management, client-managed, incident management and administration processes. Furthermore, Xentity migrated and developed ETL scripts for large legacy data migrations. We also supported architecture alternative analysis tests with prototypes prior to making architecture selections in support of the prime.  Finally, Xentity managed all code in an SVN Repository and iterative development and planning.

Migrated and Transformed

Major outcomes of this project included the migration of geospatial data from PlanetRisk’s legacy model to a new CartoDB engine. We also developed a version 2 of the company’s major software package for various data sources. This included geospatial, assets, and logistics. CARTO was able to support making real-time risk decisions. Also, visual communication with corporate risk officers and travelers. Consider once more what PlanetRisk does as an organization. They are a global big data analytics company that provides advanced technology solutions. These solutions help organizations mitigate economic risk, protect corporate assets, maintain situational awareness and safeguard employees. So, a product such as CARTO would be highly beneficial to PlanetRisk’s mission. Xentity’s experience in geospatial data and their background in data production operations made them the perfect organization to aid PlanetRisk in their transformative goal of a more fluid asset management software.