The client wished for a user-friendly interactive web map application. Xentity was contracted for our expertise in the design and development of web map applications.

Problem and Solution

As mentioned before, the goal was a user-friendly interactive web map application. One where the client can display all data products in a way that is easy to filter/navigate. This includes the VIIRS Nighttime lights (VNL), which shows lights viewed from space. Also, the VIIRS Boat Detection (VBD), which shows boats and offshore platforms that are well lit. The final data product is the VIIRS Nightfire (VNF)

Xentity first developed a web map application for interacting with VIIRS Nightfire (VNF) data. This included taking part in code and data discovery, along with application design. As the web application was developed, Xentity would work to develop new features for the web application, along with any new features for Map API RESTful service. Furthermore, Xentity revised instructions on how to set up and compile the code and containers. Finally, we revised the OpenAPI yml file for all of the public and protected routes.

Outcome and Benefit

Efficiency is extremely important in applications and their development. Through Xentity’s efforts, the web map application was indeed developed. In doing so, all data products are now displayed in an easily filterable/navigable manner. In today’s world where there is an app for almost everything, being user-friendly is key.