Xentity is providing three primary activities for a private client. First, the development of NLP 1.0, along with a transition to the client at a later date. They are also providing ongoing enterprise support to ensure technology support to clients remains up for enterprise infrastructure deployment & documentation, triage, and support, and enterprise quality assurance support.

Problem and Solution

The client required assistance in development, implementation, and ongoing enterprise support. The goal, as mentioned before, was to reach a 1.0 version to be developed and later implemented. Xentity started by undertaking the migration of code from the proverbial “Kitchen Sink” demo to the Web App v5 release. It included configuration management scripts used to deploy new services. Xentity developed side-by-side NLP features and tested end-to-end workflow. Furthermore, Xentity helped test and release NLP 1.0 for its production implementation. Finally, Xentity migrated near real-time transcriptions into AWS.

Outcome and Benefit

Xentity delivered features for side-bi-side in v5.x and Code. The deployment was in AWS Cloud. They deployed AWS CloudFormation Stacks for the client, as well as serverless framework code in staging and main branches. Furthermore, Xentity is providing ongoing support to web applications and mobile applications to improve security, bugs, and infrastructure. This included Enterprise Infrastructure Deployment & Documentation, Triage and Support, and Enterprise Quality Assurance Support. Our efforts not only constantly support the client, but also consistently help the application move from version to version. For example, we have gone from releases 5.0.0 to 5.0.2.