Data Production & Operations

  • Data Production
  • Data Operations
  • System Operations
  • CIO Information Management

…especially for emergent business models enabled by disruptive technologies like cloud, crowd, mobile, social networks, and/or big data.

A lot of data is ugly. There’s a reason it’s called “data wrangling”.  As veterans in the battle with ugly data, we have seen and lived through the real-world challenges of making data useful and informative, even beautiful. Our team  understands the challenges of data management. We are internationally recognized for our expertise in geospatial data architectures, designs, and standards. We have the capability to provide ongoing and burst ETL development support. Xentity can also advise on sustainability concepts that fix data at the source.  

Additionally, most data has a geospatial dimension. Data needs rich geospatial attributes which come in a wide variety of data resolutions, sources, accuracies, and qualities. Geospatial data ranges from polygons, points, vectors, rasterized data, positional data, real-time data, static data, point-clouds and more. Xentity has extensive experience with the full range and complexity of geospatial data and with harnessing that data for the improvement of social networking, commerce, science and research, analysis, modeling, visualization, and business intelligence.


  • Data Product Generation
  • Geospatial & Cartographic Product Maintenance
  • Open Data Catalog Administration
  • Data Migration Services


  • Data Management
  • Data Pipeline Operations
  • Data Classification Maintenance
  • Database Administration


  • Data Technical Support Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Data & Geospatial Platform Administration
  • Data & Geospatial Training Services


  • CIO Reporting (CPIC, Privacy, Security, EA)
  • FOIA Analysis Services
  • Records Management Services
  • Metadata Administration Services

We Speak "Data Geek"

  • Semi-structured, structured, and poly-structured
  • Libraries, photographs, maps, videos, and web content
  • Relational, tabular, and geospatial
  • Hierarchical, linear and planar
  • Data object decomposition from A-16 themes, entities, feature class to granular logical data objects
  • Data clustering
  • Scientific collection analysis
  • Automated collection scanning
  • Algorithm development
  • Semantic and linked data tagging
  • Standards integration
  • Raster, Vector, Temporal, Gridded, Cubed
  • Predictive, Sentiment, Sensitive
  • Schema crosswalk
  • Meta-tagging
  • Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom
  • ... and so much more

We can help you understand your data, how you can develop applications using your data, and how you can improve your metadata in order to increase the data asset value that your program is trying to create.

In business terms, Xentity brings expertise in data return-on-investment advising for  developing data commerce. We also advise on growth strategies such as Contract Strategies and Liaison models for partnering and co-investing in data acquisition/improvement to increase data value. In doing so we assist data suppliers in evaluating data quality, leveraging data value and support our clients in strategic data acquisition funding approaches that increase data acquisition ROI. Our teams also advise on improving metadata to benefit search engine optimization, harvesting metadata from in other sources, and integrating platforms into other metadata harvesting sites for easy discovery and access.

The key to Xentity’s success at executing business transformation, governance, and communication management has been our  knowledge of how to integrate and tie all data program engagements together to create a sum value greater than the individual parts.  For example, in 2006 Xentity published an approach on enterprise planning for business intelligence and data management for the Department of the Interior to improve the change management coordination between CIO investments and information management.  This approach included CyberSecurity, Privacy, Records Management, FOIA, Capital Planning and Investment Control, Project Management Plans and coordinating OMB required PAR and other strategic performance reports. As an aside, for commercial organizations some of the rigor, policy, or other aspects may vary but the tenets remain the same.

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