Leveraging past architecture, communications, and consulting experience on over 40 engagements ranging from launching a full-new creative consulting and architecture for United Airlines Web Solutions or for moving Sallie Mae’s several weeks paper application process to automated online submission and decision into minutes. After successful execution on private sector contracts and six months of evaluation, Xentity evaluated the Federal Sector and its foray into Enterprise Architecture after newly supported mandates.

Research yielded changes that haven’t been seen since the Industrial Revolution! To some, this may seem a bit dramatic, but consider the following factors happening globally:
Cultural – Mass retirements causing brain drain, billions of people pressuring boundaries, resources, and relationships impacting policy, environment, and security.
Business – efficiency needs pushing quality, finite resources breaking fin. models, globalization pushing costs, fast-automated transactions, all causing bad reactive policy.
Technology – Can’t keep up with the above causing IT performance controls to be non-existent and logarithmic growth of IT capital.

The services we provide started with Enterprise Architecture (EA) which has grown significantly due to the aforementioned and resulting new mandates (i.e. 1996 Clinger-Cohen Act). Thereafter, in 2004, Xentity and its partners in 2004, blended EA with Management Consulting in a way so unique, the President’s Office of Management and Budget adopted it as the Federal Standard. Finally, after prototyping in 2006, these approaches were blended with High-End Strategic Communication Web 2.0 (Comm2.0) Services to help effectively communicate the major transformations via integrated multimedia and traditional communication techniques. To round out the service portfolio, currently in pilot stages, Xentity plans to formally add Open Research and Prototype Modeling to its portfolio within ten years.

The services packaged together – Strategic EA, Consulting, and Comm2.0 create an integrated service organization that currently is not offered by its major competition. Competitors that typically do this are at tactical and implementation levels or do each independently. In ten years, the expectations is that Xentity created the standard approach to enterprise architecture, planning, and strategy for all to follow, and thereafter, Xentity will shift to grow its Business Model Research division for the next wave of Global Localization Transformational Expansion.

After five years of Federal Experience established and client recognition up to the U.S. President’s OMB, Xentity started its 3rd phase in company growth. Xentity looks to brings expansion over the next ten years thru its truly unique blend of services. Thereafter, opening a new service line a leader in establishing open business model research for solving true Global challenges using appropriate applications of advancement and localized principles.