The heartbeat of Xentity’s business model is that the largest generational change in history is occurring right now. Simply put, part of why change is so fundamental is because of how grand it can truly be. A bit dramatic, but consider the following cultural, business, and technological factors happening globally.

Cultural6.8 Billion people pressuring boundaries, resources, and relationships impacting policy, environment, and security and mass retirements causing brain drain. The U.S.’s largest generation, which has led the world for the past 50 years, is retiring. Their retirement, in effect, creates a vacuum on workforce replacement.  And during the same period, the world population has gone from 2 Billion to 6 Billion. This large population has created immense pressures on boundaries, resources, and relationships impacting policy, environment, and security.

Business – Business efficiency requires quality, finite resources to break the financial models, globalization pushing costs, and fast-automated transactions. All of which are causing bad reactive policies. To deal with this change, businesses are forcing new radical and early-version policies into law,creating immaturity in governance and financial models. This is forcing leadership to consider new models and methods of control such as globalization, service organizations, new collaborative partnerships on product management, and massive supply chain workflow changes.

Technology – Business technology performance, management, and safety controls are determined to be non-existent and undergoing a logarithmic growth of IT capital. As such, technology outpaces culture and business. New technologies are moving faster than can be absorbed or catalogued. This introduces new consequences resulting from rapid deployment of technology to replace depleted U.S. labor forces. It also challenges the “perishable value” of your technology capital portfolio, causing inefficient controls and work. Consequently, it impacts the quality of your products and services.

In Conclusion

Make no mistake, this is an exciting time to involve yourself in technology. However, massive change (or transformation) causes massive confusion. These level of change give too much information for others to properly drive the need for change. We, however, believe transformation activities start with the executive understanding the culture, policy, and environment first and foremost prior to engaging in major business transformation. We understand change is nebulous, inevitable, but less jaded. Rather, consider it to be a powerful influence. 

These ever-changing technologies provide new windows that enable more efficient and effective ways of doing business. Xentity has skilled, trained, and certified consultants in various areas of technology unique to the business or general to the enterprise. Thus, we properly institute technology change based on the specific business needs. Xentity promotes technology change operationally, tactically, or strategically, but we ultimately guide ourselves by the true business services, processes, or management needs for such.

Xentity also brings its knowledge of technological innovation trends to help take advantage of the correct acceleration points that the culture can absorb to support its community. So, why is change so fundamentally important? Because it happens, whether we want it to or not. We are seeing it right now with one of history’s biggest transformations. Whether we want them to or not, businesses will always grow, enhance, expand and transform. And at the end of the day, whether your change in business is enhancing, correcting, or repairing, Xentity’s transformation services are designed to know that your people are the heartbeat of your organization.