Data & Technology Solution Design

  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Standards and Design
  • Data Analytics and Agile Prototyping
  • Transition Planning Development & Support
  • Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management
  • Data Security Analysis

You are leading your organization to become more flexible, drive down cost, reduce cycle time, improve services all while introducing the right-level of innovation and organization. But, technology has changed, and the world is faster, flatter, and bigger. Sensors were once toys for scientists and spies. Information Systems used to be for internal management. Now we have powerful computing, amazing sensors, and more and more data available everywhere on the web – for good and bad. All these data and technology disruptions are instantaneously core to your business, your science, your program.

So you invest. And wait. The outcomes are not there. The costs have crept up. Something has to give. You are doing much more with way less. Your staff are stretched thin. Big-Bang initiatives have 90% failure rate. You need to adapt. You need an approach and support that uses proven flexible methods, rolls out in chunks, and increases adoption.

Our clients usually are working on development efforts that has never been done before – either at the program or, well, ever.  This means uncertainty and vague requirements.  That’s where architecture runways and agile methodologies fit perfectly. For apps, service, and platform development, Xentity development teams can easily handle the getting your data thru and to the web and multi-channel presence you need fast. Xentity brings real-world experience automating data interfaces between data services, catalogs, warehouses, and bigdata piles and to many common civic applications, frameworks, and tech stacks.

Solution Architecture

Connect Strategy, Process, Product, Services, and Organizational Design with the Data, Hardware, Software

  • Business – Business Strategy to Process Map, Business Process Analysis, Capabilities Assessment, Business Modernization Blueprint and Implementation, Perform Business Transformation, RFP Requirements Development
  • Data – Data and Information Design, Define Reference Models, Data Product Standards and Design (See next)
  • Service/Technology – Business Solution Design, Custom Lab Services, Develop Business Service Architecture, Support Architecture Implementation, Technical Architecture Assessments And Design, Establish/Improve Communication Plan
  • Management – Project Risk Assessment, Agile Project Initiation Planning Support, Business Transition Planning, Establish/Improve Foundational EA, Transition Plan, Recommendation Sequence Planning

Data Product Standards and Design

  • Analysis – Community of Use Analysis, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, New product and service assessment, Consortium and Governance Analysis
  • Definition – Product Management and Engineering Requirements, Pre-product considerations, Architecture and Concept of Operations Impacts, Product definition, Requirements Specification, Standards Testbed Definition

Agile Data Development & Analysis

Exploring New Data Patterns, Platforms, Models, Technologies, Uses, and Applications and Rapid Agile iterations. Let us help bring your data app, system, or visualization to life

  • Data Discovery 
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Integration Platform
  • Data Application Development
  • Data Quality & Use Assessment
  • Data Community Engagement
  • See more Solution detail at Solutions Page

Transition Planning Development & Support

Moving The big ideas into the work plans, annual budgets, and tying to the strategic outcomes

  • Program Management Office – Design, Support, PMO Dashboard Tracking Development, Enterprise Planning Integration, Leadership Coaching, Agile Training
  • Project Management Support – Agile Project Scrum Master, EVM Reporting, Planning Workshops, Facilitation
  • Information Management Function Support – Capital Planning, Investment Control, Portfolio Management
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Planning

Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management Implementation Support

Move your Concepts, Architecture, and Governance into Implementation

  • Business – Data Stakeholder Exchange Modeling, Data Governance Analysis and Rollout, Data Lifecycle Management (DLCM) Maturity Recommendations, Policy and Budget responsibilities and roles, Integration Analysis
  • Data – Inventory/Metadata practices development and support, Data publication and supplier schedules development and support, Acquisition Schedules development and support, Data standards and data quality practice implementation support, Data object decomposition from A-16 themes, entities, feature class to granular logical data objects
  • Service/Technology – Crowdsourcing Model analysis and Agile Roadmap, Gamification model integration analysis and Agile Roadmap, Data Architecture Alternative Analysis and Total Cost of Ownership

Data Security Analysis

Data is an asset, and needs to be protected as such. Xentity has partnered with Optiv to provide world-class data security services.

  • Vulnerability and Exposure Lab
  • Goal Oriented and Malware Attack Simulation
  • Information Security Program Development and Review
  • Software Security Analysis Definition
  • Security Standards Development Program
  • Mobility Security Strategy Consulting
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services
  • CISO On-Demand Services and Staffing Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Incident Response and Malware
  • Roadmap and Implementation Service
  • Payment Card Industry Services (PCI)
  • Education & Training Services

Our methodology and training focuses transformation leadership.

The methodology work we developed has been recognized and adopted as Federal Government best practices by the U.S. OMB.

Leadership that can help improve customer effectiveness and efficiency by proactively managing risk and delivering results through strong, facilitated execution or increase relevancy and economics of existing or new product lines and services.  In working with customers, Xentity provides integrated oversight of the parts that need to be connected, understood, and communicated prior to significant investment.  This approach enables Xentity to understand value opportunities and risk, determine mitigation strategies, and support customer awareness on how to realize recommendations.  Once decisions and investments have been made, Xentity utilizes strong communication and project management skills to facilitate change. The methodology work we developed has been recognized and adopted as Federal Government best practices by the U.S. OMB.

We have blogged in the past on over twenty patterns or anti-patterns where architecture and governance can help. Also, please review our Blog Post on “Why We exist?” that further describes why we chose these concepts.

In short, these concepts stem from looking External Pressure Trends observed in working with our executive clients. To some, this may seem a bit dramatic, but consider the following factors happening globally: World Population 2x in a generation, Looming U.S. brain drain, Legacy Physical Resources reaching limits, Sensationalizing without context to masses, Rapidly Changing consumption patterns, Faster, Global Transactions, Moore’s Law too fast?, Shorter Term Policy, Misaligned Investment, Data Analysis Obsession, The call for too much or wrong data and Longer Term Impacts, Longer Time to Market.