The Problem

Business Leaders…you are being asked to lead your organization to become more flexible, drive down cost, reduce cycle time, and improve services to citizens across the board. In short, you are being asked to do much more with way less. The following are some specific Agency Performance Objectives you are likely trying to accomplish:

  • Process Simplification
  • Standardized Procedures
  • Consolidated and Streamlined Bureau Processes, Data, Systems, Technology
  • Value-Enhanced Processes that eliminate unnecessary burden on the Citizen
  • Collaborative solutions that encourage Partnerships
  • Integrated architecture processes that facilitate knowledge transfer and reuse between business, data, application, and technology components

As a business leader, you need to be able to prove the value of your organization’s efforts. This is done through careful analysis to integrate pilot efforts into your broader program evolution. You also must prove the efficiencies, quality, and scalability. And consider the major factors, budget implementation, workforce impacts, data maturity, and infrastructure changes.

There are plenty of ways you can prove the value of your organization’s efforts. But there are certain things that require completion. First, make sure that you can see a clear line of sight between your stakeholders goals, product and service portfolio, your concept of operations, and impacts to your resources – partnerships, data, workforce, and IT. One such method of proving value is to increase impact and reduce time. From there, the only thing left to do is to understand just how you can accomplish such things. And you certainly don’t have to go it alone.

So What?

At Xentity, we strive to help our clients realize these goals. The following is a list of sample Rapid Design Services that you can use to better yourself as an organization.

  1. Agile Project Initiation Planning Support
  2. Business Strategy Development
  3. Business Process Analysis
  4. Capabilities Assessment
  5. Project Risk Assessment
  6. Business Transition Planning
  7. Business Solution Design
  8. Data and Information Design
  9. Business Modernization Blueprint and Implementation
  10. Custom Design Services

These types of tactical and strategic analysis and project implementation engagements should be targeted to have recommendations, transition plan, and scoped budget accepted at executive sponsor level within 3 to 6 months.

1.  Agile Project Initiation Planning Support

Your project plan has received approval yet you lack qualified or trained personnel to begin the implementation tasks.

Our Project Initiation Support Service will assist you in forming your Core Implementation Team. Also, in developing your project plan, project charter, communication strategy, funding strategy, and risk management plan.

Let us help you help you get your change effort started or back on track with our two-day workshop. This effort will be a rapid implementation planning effort that seeks to get momentum for moving forward. Our workshop approach focuses on gaining consensus across your team, as well as  a common vision, a high-level concept of operations, and priorities and dependencies for key requirements and milestones.

This effort usually requires a few weeks of preparation with the sponsor and reach-back to your team. Then, a two-day, rapid and intense workshop effort with your team. Finally culminating  with an action plan and all workshop deliverables, which are polished after real-time capturing. The goal of this workshop, whether strategic, tactical, or technical in scope, will be to build a roadmap for the future. In doing so, we will establish a clear “line of sight” from executives to users through costs, development, and support for your change efforts.

2.  Business Strategy Development

Your organization needs to reevaluate its strategic direction due to changes in technology, policy, or regulations. Globalization requires that you better connect with your customers. Federal mandates require that you more effectively measure how well your organization is performing.

Our Business Strategy Development Service will analyze your existing customer community then determine the exact needs and wants of that community. This service helps to bring clarity to goals and objectives, lays out an approach to reach those goals and objectives, and identifies corresponding performance objectives. Your strategy includes creating steps required to reach your desired outcomes.

3.  Business Process Analysis

Your organization has a clear mission and understands the needs of its customers, but you feel that it is not operating as efficiently as possible. Your staff is stretched too thin or is slipping in the delivery of services to your customers. Or, it could be that benchmarking indicates that your process may be too costly.

Our Business Process Analysis Service will assess how well your organization is performing by evaluating the products and services you are providing to your customers. It also identifies the gaps between your organization’s objectives, your products and services, business mandates, and the needs of your customers. Once your products and services are well defined, this service analyzes your business processes to determine cost factors and evaluate overall efficiency and value. Ultimately, this service provides a proposed core process that includes the industry’s best practices. Also, enhancements that result from process model simulations. It also provides guidance for implementing the needed and approved changes so that you can actually see the benefits of the analysis.

4.  Capabilities Assessment

You would like an objective assessment of your organization’s existing business climate, including an assessment of current leadership, staff, organizational structure, information, and/or existing technology solutions.

Our Capabilities Assessment Service will analyze the skills and capabilities of your staff in relation to your mission requirements. This service will also analyze the current leadership and organizational structures in relation to your mission requirements as well as the specific needs of your staff. Once the existing business climate is assessed, this service analyzes the existing information availability and exchanges. Also, the technologies and applications that you are currently using to meet your mission. Overall, this service assesses your operational capacity to meet customer demands.

5.  Project Risk Assessment

An existing project of yours has been challenging due to technology, management, and/or funding. Unknown risks continue to emerge, forcing the management team to be reactive rather than proactive. This has resulted in senior management concerns that the project is at risk.

Our Project Risk Assessment Service will identify and document overall risks by looking at all facets of your project. This service will document these risks and develop mitigation strategies and provide guidance to eliminate or accommodate the risks.

6.  Business Transition Planning

Your organization is faced with a large-scale change in leadership, vision, or a new technology implementation that will impact the way you do business. You know this large-scale change will affect your people, processes, and organizational structure. However, you need help planning for that change.

Our Business Transition Planning Service will analyze the major changes that your business organization is facing, and how those changes will impact your strategy, processes, people, and/or technology resources. Since most major change events impacts many facets of your business, this service takes a robust and broad look at all areas most likely impacted by the change. This service focuses on equipping you with a strategy that accomplishes a phased implementation of change components resulting in a predetermined future state.

7.  Business Solution Design

Your organization has a clear challenge in performing tasks related to one of your mission areas. You feel that your organization would benefit from an automated solution (new system) to meet this mission challenge.

Our Business Solution Design Service focuses on a specific need or problem within your business organization. Specifically, it will analyze the aspects of the business that contribute to the problem. Additionally, it will analyze scenario-based alternatives that will simulate the problem with the use of technology. This service will define required technology components based on needed business features.

8.  Data and Information Design

You feel that your organization could be more effective in sharing internal information, or in sharing data with other organizations. You know that the data you need is out there, but your organization can’t seem to find it, organize it, or use it.

Our Data and Information Design Service analyzes your current and future data needs. It determines whether the required data is gathered and stored independently. And it assists in defining the steps to implement any required data-sharing relationships. This service focuses on producing actionable recommendations to improve the way data flows within and between DOI business organizations.

9.  Business Modernization Blueprint and Implementation

Your organization needs a makeover, starting from a thorough customer analysis. From there, thinking through the organization’s strategy and processes, understanding information needs, and then recommending the right technology solutions for the future.

The Business Modernization Blueprint and Implementation Service is the most robust and thorough analysis service we provide. This service begins with detailed customer analysis and extends into developing new goals and objectives for the business. It then takes a closer look at the products and services for the business. This follows with an analysis of needed and existing processes, skills, and technology solutions. Finally, this service provides guidance for the development of a Modernization Blueprint and its implementation.

10.  Custom Design Services

Your transformation support needs are cross-cutting, complex, and requires more combinations of discrete intermediate staffing support, and definition will come over time. Whatever those needs are, Xentity almost certainly has the service to help you.