Video Services

As part of a Mapping Series Video Set, USGS has released two new videos highlighting two of their premier geospatial and mapping products: Elevation and US Topo Maps respectively. For both videos, Xentity supported the full production lifecycle.


US Topo

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What We Have Done

Xentity has focused on supporting the USGS in communicating change, business transformation results, and roadmaps via story form. We have focused on new mediums tied with traditional mediums as a way to help better reach key stakeholders. These stakeholders include citizens, legislators, business, government users, and partners. These simple stories can show and explain the value of complex programs products, services, solutions, and systems that powerpoints, whitepapers, or multiple conferences cannot achieve. Also, these mediums have helped convey messages, even during times of intense pressure to reduce travel.

This technique has leveraged Xentity’s investment since 2006 in the co-brand Flip Flop Production service. This service has an end-to-end video production lifecycle approach, quality, highly experienced staff and partners, and full studio capabilities. Xentity has stuck with this investment due to a strong belief that architecture change or transformation efforts can succeed in implementing, but fail in conveying its message. Xentity is proud to support clients, such as the USGS, in creating these key messages in support of conveying the product and service value of their program.