Today (Sept. 12, 2012), Xentity received a multi-year GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract. Under the GSA Consolidate Schedule 00CORP), Xentity has been awarded Special Item Numbers (SINs) for both IT Schedule 70 and MOBIS.

IT Schedule 70 C132-51, C132-51RCIT Professional Services
MOBISC874-1, C874-1RCMOBIS Consulting Services

This will enable Xentity to continue its progression towards providing best available pricing for its Government customers. This helps simplify acquisition even further on top of the 8(a) business development program acquisition tools. The following is a brief description of services. Links to the schedules can be found on the Schedules page.

Description of Services

SIN C132-51 and C132-51RC – IT Professional Services

Xentity’s services below mainly focus on enterprise architecture, management and communication lifecycle challenges for large organizations for private and public sector. We operate in extending the current leadership and management capabilities to offer out innovative architecture, design, and change approaches. Also, solutions that help accelerate and increase quality and relevance of the project, program, management, governance, and implementation. Xentity’s IT Professional Services include the following:

  • Mission or resource system solution architecture design
  • Physical component/server architecture model design
  • Physical and logical data modeling
  • As-is architecture pattern analysis
  • System inventories
  • Technology inventory analysis
  • Segment, enterprise, or technology analysis of business or mission areas
  • Analysis of technical business models as-is, to-be, and transition stages for maturity, common trends, precedence and potential pain points
SIN C874-1 and C874-1RC – MOBIS Consulting Services

In addition to Xentity’s enterprise services, our consultants have subject matter expertise in applying these services to issues critical to large world transformation. These issues include energy, climate, geospatial, natural resources, travel, and education. We also invest in researching and piloting our patterns to allow us to prove our concepts and strengthen the specific business cases. This allows us to provide re-usable approaches, innovative concepts and solution patterns applicable to customer specific industries. Xentity’s MOBIS services include the following:

  • Business case financial, performance, and technology scenarios modeling
  • Analysis of requirements, governance, business process, service portfolio, and stakeholder input
  • Target architecture, new business models, and governance maturity transformation efforts Analysis and design of financial, performance, and organizational models
  • Organizational readiness assessments
  • Findings, recommendations, alternative, cost, risk, impact, and performance analysis using structured approved methods
  • Project path proposal and definition including providing frameworks for jobs, teams, functions and groups of functions