Xentity delivers mini-documentary "Introduction the the National Hydrography Dataset" to the USGS. This leverages our Flip Flop Productions capability.


In 2008, when the new presidential administration began coming into office, the USGS senior executive leadership team requested media for demonstration for incoming administration. In response, the client requested any multimedia or audio/visual communication materials from his staff, especially for The National Map (TNM) products. The client observed the communication products had no attention grabbing “story to tell”, though there were many visualization and product examples.

From this and related other planning efforts, the client began reviewing effective methods for improving overall communication products. The benefits yielded with this approach which could replace conference travel costs, create repeatable, attention-grabbing messages, create initial awareness and introductory level training for uses, reach new audiences could not have reached before (i.e. via self-service media viewing), use for Rollout of Products Enhancements/Revamped, and, as initially conceptualized, help in executive education for new leaders to learn about the complicated nature of large programs such as NGP in a simple, easy method.

An effort was initiated under an existing Xentity task work, to develop this initial 6 minute outreach video for introduction to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) which could fit in a product series of future videos for NHD – i.e. more detailed training workshops replacing 7-hour application workshops (which later Xentity also supported)– as well as a program series of future videos for other National Geospatial Program product lines such as Elevation, US Topo, and The National Map.

Xentity has a unique approach that takes a production style that would usually cost $5,000/minute to below $2,000/minute. Xentity could achieve this target price point as because the process is standardized, repeatable, and scope is managed as well as including architects who can convey the underlying blueprint for the target messaging along with writers and producers thus lowering several production process tasks.

The project Kicked off in November 2008, and was completed and delivered in January 2009. The video was later put on Youtube.