This past January, 2019, Xentity delivered its first mini-documentary: “Introduction to the National Hydrography Dataset” to the USGS. In doing so, we leveraged our Flip Flop Productions capability.

We initiated the effort under an existing Xentity task, to develop this initial 6 minute outreach video for introduction to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) which could fit in a product series of future videos for NHD. For example, there were more detailed training workshops replacing 7-hour application workshops (which later Xentity also supported). There would also be a program series of future videos for other National Geospatial Program product lines such as Elevation, US Topo, and The National Map.

Xentity takes a unique approach to this process. We take a production style that would usually cost $5,000/minute to below $2,000/minute. We achieve this target price point because the process is standardized and repeatable. Also, we manage the scope. Furthermore, we include architects who can convey the underlying blueprint for the target messaging. Writers and producers also help contribute to the message. And throughout this process, we lower several production process tasks.

The project kicked off in November 2008. Xentity completed and delivered the project in January 2009. We later uploaded the video on Youtube.