2013 was definitely a very fluid year for Xentity. We were mostly adjusting to the impacts of the Federal Government’s instability caused by sequester, shutdown, and the lingering impacts of debt ceiling and fiscal cliff budget impacts. A large part of Xentity services helps federal clients look at longer term investment. So, when you have a year where it is hard for federal programs look much beyond a few months, those services were definitely of lower utilization. Furthermore, it is a shame to know our federal clients are limited in capability to improve, enhance, and become more efficient for the long term. However, 2014 is already shaping to have more of a focus on those goals.

That said, Xentity hit several milestones this year.

Our Milestones – Contracts and Clients

Diversified into more state government services – In previous years, Xentity has supported healthcare information solutions in New York. Our staff has also supported IT transformations and adapting business transformation methods in Virginia. However, in 2013, Xentity was awarded two prime contracts in Colorado. One for opendata competitions and the other for transformation services.

Xentity served over 30 clients in 2013 with over 25 staff for all Services for clients ranging from:

Xentity staff worked in over 12 major geographic locations including GA, NC, CO, MA, TX, AK, DC, VA, WI, NY, WA, NV. This included 5 new states (GA, NC, CO, MA, TX) as well as Canada and Australia. This also brings Xentity services to total of 4 countries supported (US, Canada, Australia, and Indonesia).

Xentity has been awarded more government-wide access vehicles and schedules totaling seven vehicles. This includes: GSA MOBIS, GSA IT Schedule 70, DOI Foundational Cloud Hosting Services GWAC, USGS-wide Architecture Services IDIQ, State of Colorado wide Transformation Services IDIQ, CIO-SP3 via PPC, and our 8(a) Sole Source Access.

Our Milestones – Accolades and Announcements

Xentity has held information sharing sessions and participated in industry-wide activities with Australian Geospatial Mapping programs and ACT-IAC Smart Lean Government.

Xentity`s active Partners in Large Business, Small Business and Academia with active agreements/contracts now total over 50.

Xentity received accolades, as shown in our blog: Xentity makes the Hispanic Business Top 500 List – again. Also, the blog: Xentity recognized on CIO Review list for Most Promising Government Technology Solution and Consulting Providers 2013. In addition our staff presented and received recognition at the  E-Gov Institute’s Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference.

All in all, though 2013 was fluid as noted, we were very excited to provide our transformational services to more clients, with more partners, in more locations than ever before. We look forward to making a continued impact for our clients in 2014