The Big News

Xentity Corporation (Xentity), a Colorado-based 8(a) certified data consulting firm, and Fed Biz Solutions, Inc (FedBiz), a Colorado-based government compliance consulting and advisory firm, have signed a partner agreement in November 2012 that enables Xentity to offer FedBiz services to customers

Xentity has integrated FedBiz service capabilities alongside Xentity’s existing services, in order to help transform our customer’s mission operations. FedBiz now has the ability to offer services to customers under the SBA 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business program. And, Xentity has additional trained staff to support FedBiz efforts in order to provide a greater blend of skilled government business specialists and better customer responsiveness. This teaming arrangement has also resulted in a blended price point to customers without a reduction in quality.

About Xentity Corporation

Xentity (ZEN-ti-tee), founded in 2001, receiving 8(a) program status in 2010, is located at the Golden Signature Centre in Golden, CO, assists commercial and government organizations, large and small helping to create true value via enterprise and solution architecture, planning, analysis and execution support. Xentity is a participant in the Small Business Administration 8(a) program. They are also a minority-owned disadvantaged small business. Also, has helped clients achieve their business goals with management consulting and mission-driven architecture, while providing unique communication methods. Furthermore, Xentity also assisted business and government, large and small, in the trusted executive advisor role. This helped clients create true value via enterprise planning and execution support. Done from shortening emergency response at airports, to reducing college loan application time from months to minutes, to making hidden geospatial data into frontline services, or transforming previous policy information management groups to transformational world leading agencies.

About Fed Biz Solutions, Inc

FedBiz began operations in 1997 as Sterling Innovations, Inc. The company has had very good success from the beginning thanks to the many wonderful clients who have shown continual trust in our consulting practices. In 2011, the decision expanded the contract opportunities to include long term, federal gov’t and large prime contractor contracts to help take the company to ‘the next level’. One of the steps taken was to change the name to Fed Biz Solutions. The name change felt necessary to create a better awareness of the services offered. Fed Biz Solutions was chosen because of its closeness to FedBizOpps (, the largest source for finding Federal Government opportunities. For that reason, on January 1, 2012, the name change took place. Our team took the first step with FedBiz. However, our team knew a name change would not be the only difference-maker.

But Back to Our Partnership…

We are truly excited to be working with FedBiz. And we look forward to what will hopefully be the completion of many fantastic projects.