Geo Is More Than A Dot On The Map – It Is The Next Progression In Information

In maximizing the value of geospatial programs, products, systems and the workforce, Xentity has combined many services such as planning, data lifecycle management, and solution delivery. In doing so, we have found common, reusable, and tailorable patterns and issues applicable from small to large public and private institutions.

Xentity’s staff has been providing geospatial strategy, planning and solution expertise to large public and commercial organizations for the last 15 years. Our goal is to maximize the value of geospatial products, services, systems, technologies and data for our clients and their customers. We have observed, first hand, patterns of critical issues that have hampered our customers’ performance in the past. These issues are typically found in the geospatial business areas of geospatial planning, production and data lifecycle management, and service delivery as well as in advising the executive or program leadership in managing and executing such complex and complicated changes.

Our approach and expertise has been developed through years impactful analysis and providing practical solutions. Our proven approach to problem solving encompasses the best practices of management consulting and enterprise architecture planning coupled with geospatial domain knowledge.

To understand geospatial services, it’s important to understand each service that is offered. We will now list off these services, along with multiple examples that we are quite proud of.

Geospatial Planning Analysis Service

We offer multiple analytical-based services that help our clients establish their needs, optimize their assets, and plan for various scenarios.

Customer Relationship Management

At Xentity, we help you work with your customers to establish clearly defined needs and the benefits to help you prioritize your efforts and create greater value for your products and services.

For example: the US Geological Survey Land and Remote Sensing program and the National Geospatial Program, Xentity led the development business practice changes that focused on bringing external customer segments to the program planning processes leading to technological and product innovations and improved communications.

Cost Benefits Analysis of Geospatial

We help optimize the value of geospatial assets. Xentity offers executive level planning and advisory services to clients to identify value opportunities, asses its strategic importance and measure subsequent performances.

At the US Department of Interior, Xentity provided cost benefit study to establish return on investment for service deployment. The resulting analysis yielded 10:1 Benefits over Costs.

Data Acquisition and Quality Planning

Xentity helps align your program data requirements with available partners, volunteer data, and ensure it flows through the system in an efficient, qualified and cost effective manner. We also help ensure you retain data in compliance with existing records, archive and use policies.

Xentity developed and implemented several acquisition strategies for the USGS National Geospatial Program that led to improved data quality and long term maintenance for multiple scale datasets.

Funding Planning

These are challenging economic times that have seen a considerable decrease in government geospatial funds even when the value of geospatial information has not been fully exploited. Now more than ever it is critical to be able to determine and communicate the value and impact of geospatial activities internally, to your customers and with your executives.

For USGS and use of FGDC CAP Grants, Xentity designed overall acquisition planning model that linked production tracking, multiple purchasing authorities, and locations of existing inventory and purchase targets to help increase ROI on geospatial data acquisition.

Geospatial Production And Data Lifecycle Management Analysis

Concept of Operations Development

We help evaluate your existing production processes for new, more cost effective ways. This helps move to higher volumes of data through the system. Furthermore, we help minimize the number of times the data is accessed.

For Indonesia’s BAKOSURTANAL NSDI, Xentity staff designed a shared production environment across disparate programs. Xentity has done similar work for DOI, BLM, USGS, EPA, and numerous private firms.

GeoData Quality Lifecycle Analysis

Xentity assists in synchronizing the available sources to increase the integration qualities of the data. Also, to improve the quality (accuracy, currentness) of the data.

US National Geospatial Program – using DLCM sourced data from same suppliers to meet multiple program goals and provided consistency to user community.

Geodata Use Preparation

Xentity helps optimize how to prepare data for service consumption and use as a part of your production flow.

BAKOSURTANAL instituted a publishing model where data was integrated across 17 ministries prior to catalog publishing

Service Delivery Analysis

Xentity has provided architectural services to the USGS, DOI and on geospatial metadata management, discovery and visualization. We have also conducted information sharing on reusable information service delivery patterns with multiple agencies and international bodies. These are located in countries such as Canada, Australia, and Indonesia

Geospatial Metadata Discovery Architectures

Xentity helps improve how your data and products are described (metadata), discovered (cataloging), accessed, and used in the online world. Furthermore, we help your efforts with open government initiatives.

For USGS Core Science Systems, amongst 4 major tenets, Xentity created a blueprint for moving to integrated clearinghouse and harvest solution integrating and an existing metadata clearinghouse. Worked with Geospatial One Stop, and USGS Science Base Catalogs in support of digital data delivery.

Geospatial Delivery Application Architecture

Xentity assisted in implementing standardized application frameworks and specifications. This supports data access and rapid transition to new products and services or delivery methods.

Solution architecture design for National Geospatial Program and BAKOSURTANAL for data services and delivery.

Geospatial Delivery Solutions Architecture

Design the access methods for online service delivery or download for all forms of products and services (vector, raster, data file formats, bigdata) through real-time service/stream access for application integration patterns to bulk cloud computing to discovery bigdata search indices with geospatially integrated interpretative signalling

USGS delivery, by moving to an eCommerce model for products, moving to staged products and improving web service access, standards for improved application integration has had significant IT cost reduction, and 10% monthly increase use over 4 years in product download and service access.

Geospatial Delivery Prototype & Research Application Development

Our architects and developers have capabilities to bring designs to life. We also have experts in prototyping and early phase technology selection. Also, in demonstration in bigdata, visualization, modeling, service, discovery, semantics, and informatics solutions.

We blend this with our agile workshop and analysis engagement approach for rapid planning, scrum management, sprint planning tracking, and tying back to aforementioned requirements, line of sight, and levels of architecture, and ITIL deployment requirements.

Our goal is to provide services, software tools, and automation procedures to assist in continued appropriate innovation. Also, to keep your research, prototypes, or beta on track. We have demonstrated this in various fields and projects such as:

  • USGS initial The National Map base map development in early research.
  • USGS Cloud Migration analysis few dozen pilots in storage, inventory, services, APIs, bigdata, basemaps and more.
  • Rapid Prototyping BigData Indices and interpretative signals for millions upon millions of records and complicated discovery requirements replacing traditional RDBMS.
  • Visualization Application stacks and mashup developments in ESRI JS API, CartoDB, OpenLayers, ArcGIS Online, CKAN, Socrata, ESRI GeoDataPortal, PostGIS, Leaflet, GeoServer, and many more JS APIs, map servers, and basemap engines.

Geospatial User-Centered Designs

Xentity assists in Improving how your users access your digital data and mapping products. Also, keeping them aware as your content changes. We also provide design solutions that have notification models in areas of interest, topically aware, and balance popularity. They also must have other qualities and repeatable patterns unique to geospatial.

Space Imaging provided spatial notifications to customers based on area, product and intended use criteria.

Geospatial Vendor Product Evaluation & Reseller Specialization

Xentity has evaluated many geospatial product lines in geospatial data, production, product generation, service platforms, and applications/APIs. Also, Xentity has the capability to evaluate product lines as well as resell products.

Furthermore, Xentity has evaluated geospatial products, architectures in open-source, COTS, GOTS with and for USGS, GSA, DOI, Salesforce AppExchange company, Denver Metro Utilities Company, and more. See Xentity Partners partners for products Xentity has capability to resell today.

What Makes Geospatial So Different?

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